Flight Safety Animation Tier Examples From Stormy Studio


Silver Tier

With our silver tier we can include fully developed motion graphics, background environments and simple stylised 2D animated characters. The below British helicopters video gives an indication of the level of character animation and finish that would be produced at this tier.


Clean flat visuals, with smooth animation and stylised characters.

This is our most popular tier as it allows for entry level animated characters along with professioanl motion graphics.


Gold – Fluid 2D animation

A mix of beautiful design, clear scenes and great characters. A very well developed storyboard with planned transitions. Lots of excellent character animation.


Rich beautiful 2D animation. With moments of traditional keyframe animation.

A production of this level calls for a higher budget due to the extra time spent on production at all stages.


3D Options

The highest quality creative approach and production.


Silver Tier 3D
3D Environment + 2D Characters
(*Skip to 1 minute 38 in example)

3D environment visuals. With great stylised characters, animation and creative approach.

The overall finish would be of very high quality.

Platinum Tier
3D Production

Beautfiul rich 2D visuals. With great stylised characters, animation and creative approach.

It would’nt necesarily have the light hearted approach as seen in the sample to the right. Though the overall finish could be of the same high quality.