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Add style & clarity to your video or audio project with an RP British male voiceover.

Jon Draper - ENGLISH male voiceover

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RP Bitish Male Voiceover Artist English

Hi, I'm Jon Draper, a British male voiceover artist with a warm, neutral English accent. I have what is often referred to as a British RP (received pronunciation) accent.

I'm a UK-based voice actor with a modern home studio setup able to record with an authentic, clear and professional delivery.

I can accommodate a broad range of projects and have experience recording for corporate videos, animated business explainers, safety videos, documentaries, e-learning, adverts & commercials.

Rate Card & Contact Details

A bit of added character

Whilst my normal style of delivery can work well for national and international audiences. Since I grew up in Kent, in South East England I can also lean into my Kentish routes and give a bit of character and a subtle London lilt to a recording to add a little more unique personality when needed.

Balanced individual:

With every project, I'll always prepare by reading through the script a few times and making notes on any key English linguistic gymnastics. Then when recording I'll typically create multiple takes of each individual sentence to strike the perfect English male voiceover delivery for every line.

Finally, I'll edit and balance the audio levels before sharing a high-quality audio file.

In addition, I can provide multiple takes of a call to action or company tagline in the audio file, to give you different options to try out in the edit suite.

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British Male Voiceover RP
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Explainer video british male voiceover animation

Complex ideas & understanding:

Having worked for 20+ years in the video and animation industry. I've tackled various roles from motion design, animation, editing, sound design, and filming and now head up creatives for animation production at Stormy Studio.

I have a good appreciation for what it is that makes a British male voiceover really pop. This includes taking the time to have at least a basic understanding of the subject matter, project goals and target audience of the video.

This ensures the voiceover inflection, pace and overall delivery strike the right tone to hit the mark and help the video or audio project successfully deliver the core messages and also be well received by the audience.

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Feedback,   amends & pickups

In the event that there are some amends, I'm always happy to accommodate any feedback.

This can include recording a full 2nd take (or parts of) the voiceover if the first provided run-through is not completely hitting the mark for you or your client and a slightly different style of voiceover delivery is needed. i.e. more sales-y, upbeat, natural or if more emphasis is needed on a few words.

I know first-hand how important a great voiceover can be to adding that final layer of polish to an animation, film or audio project.

However, it is worth noting if the script is changed after recording and requires lots of pickups or a full re-record, then additional fees will apply.

Once in a while for longer projects, I'll share a short segment first to pin down the preferred style of voiceover before recording the full text.

Voiceover Rate Card

*This rate card gives you a rough idea of my pricing structure. There are many variables when producing voiceovers.

These include length, format, distribution, audience, broadcast medium and usage fees. So as with most rate cards, this is purely a baseline skeletal guide.

I'm always happy to provide bespoke quotes based on all the available factors.

Pricing Guide
Project Type Rate per min
TV Commercials £350 - £1,500
Radio Commercials £150 - £500
Corporate Videos £250 - £1,000
E-Learning £200 - £1,000
IVR/On-Hold Messages £100 - £500
Animation £250 - £1,000

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If you would like me to record a demo of your script, please include an excerpt in the form below.

For a quotation for your project, please include as much information as possible.

Also, please mention if you would like to direct me remotely live via Skype, Zoom or equivalent.

Email: [email protected]

Phone or WhatsApp: (+44) 07920 042646