3rd Vive Controller

Today marked the arrival of our 3rd HTC Vive VR controller. Now under normal circumstances this wouldn’t be a reason for much excitement nor a blog post. However as we’re currently putting together our studios mixed reality filming rig (and I love all thing VR no matter how trivial) this seemed worthy of a quick blog post.

Mixed Reality filming is the process by which you’re able to film users in VR against a green screen and mix in the virtual environment (both fore and backgrounds) to create a ‘mixed reality video’.

For those interested here’s what the packaging looks like when you buy a HTC Vive controller by itself. Nothing all that exciting and certainly not a patch on the behemoth box of joy you receive with the full HTC Vive package.

In the HTC Vive controller box you get the controller, USB wall charger and the short usb lead.

3rd Vive Controller


The newly received Vive controller enables us to fully track the position of the real world (and 3rd person camera in VR) to allow us to professional shoot the users experience. We can then build up a wide range of creative filming techniques and make use of some of our high end filming kit and post production techniques.

We’ll be back soon to share some behind the scenes filming techniques, including filming a VR scene with a real world camera crane and larger green screen space.

This is currently all being financed independently as we look to build on a few stellar business ideas in between our normal paid professional animation production for businesses.

We’ve already had some quick success with our basic the setup last week. This was using a fixed camera position (with no 3rd controller), and a quick pop up green screen.


(*If any potential investors are out there and interested in finding out how they can get involved at these early stages of development please do get in touch with the studio.)