Find An Animation Company For Your Business

Find an animation studio for your business

How to find an animation studioFinding an animation studio for your businessJon Draper – ANIMATOR & CREATIVE DIRECTORThis article explains how you can effectively research and find an animation company for your business video project. Stormy Studio is a leading business animation studio in the UK.Share the article:How to find an animation company for your business video projectsA brief guide … Read More

Live action vs Animation: A Comparison

liveaction vs animation

business animation productionWhat are the pros and cons of live-action vs animation?Jon Draper – CREATIVE DIRECTORThis article explores the differences between filmed live action and animation. Highlighting the pros and cons for eachShare the article:What are the pros and cons of live action vs animation?For your business video productionIt’s a common question for businesses and as an animation and film … Read More

40 Business Animation Ideas For Effective Presentations

animation ideas and inspiration for business animation

ANIMATION PRODUCTION40 business animation ideas for effective presentationsJon Draper – CREATIVE DIRECTORLots of ideas to help plan your own corporate animated video projects. Plus a wide variety of animated business video examples to inspire you.Last Update: 12th March 2023Business Animation Tips • Written by Jon Draper – Lead Animator / Creative DirectorShare the article:Business Animation BenefitsWhen you want to create … Read More

AWS CDK, Amplify and UserPool IDs

Overview: The goal is to retrieve the user pool ID and user pool client ID values from AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store and use them in an Amplify React application for authentication and user management. The values are initially stored in AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store by a separate AWS CDK (Cloud Development Kit) application. Step 1: Store User Pool … Read More

The Rise Of Corporate Video Production

Rise of corporate video production

The Rise of Corporate Video Production: Engaging Audiences in the Digital Age Companies big and small are quickly adopting video-content strategies as video marketing becomes more crucial. Even if your company doesn’t have its production staff, you may still get started making videos using straightforward equipment and techniques.   Corporate Video Production: What Is It? Production of corporate films for internal … Read More

Can You Use AI To Create Animation?

AI animation production

AI ANIMATION PRODUCTIONCan you use AI to create animation?Jon Draper – CREATIVE DIRECTORThis evolving article will look at current, new and upcoming AI tools available to help create professional animated explainers, business animation and more using AI.Last Update: / 25th January 2024Written by Jon Draper – Lead Animator / Creative DirectorShare the article:NEW AI Animation Software DirectoryDiscover a constantly evolving and growing … Read More

Effective Animation – What is it worth to your business?

Effective Animation what is it worth to your business

Effective animation is unbelievably profitable to a business. Sure, entrepreneurs can create the best products or come up with the greatest solutions, but these are pointless without the audience understanding what is being sold or communicated to them. In this article, we will explain why effective animation is beneficial to your business and what it is worth. Why should you … Read More

Animated Shoe Commercials – The Most Powerful Five

Animated Shoe Commericals

Animated shoe commercials are rare to find; however, we have managed to complete a list of the most powerful five in the industry. The brilliant thing about animation is that it can be used to explain complex innovation. By using animation, businesses can strip apart their creations to communicate their unique selling points, which is a clever ploy to get … Read More

5 Benefits of good Digital Video Editing for your Marketing

Introduction Video marketing eases the understanding and awareness of any brand or product. It sends a clear message to the customer about the product and the vision it holds. Therefore, it becomes crucial for you to have a good digital video editing tool to boost your marketing campaign. A marketer should not underestimate the power of a professional, well-edited video … Read More

TikTok Video for Business

Using Tiktok videos for business?

TikTok video for business is getting increasingly important. TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform and has skyrocketed since the start of lockdown. In June 2020 TikTok became the top-grossing non-gaming platform on the market, with more than $90.7million (Sensor Tower) in user spending in just one month. Nevertheless, TikTok’s popularity comes mainly from China, followed by the US … Read More

Business Animation vs Filming – The advantages of each

Business animation vs filming

In our Business Animation 2020 Survey, we wanted to find out the benefits of business animation vs filming. Filming live-action scenes can be used for more hard-hitting, emotional content. This is due to real people being involved in the video, usually, consumers will react better to real human faces. Albeit, filming can be costly and time-consuming. Due to collating actors, … Read More

Business Animation Usage and Trends.

business animation usage and trends

Here at Stormy Studio, we are interested in finding out business animation usage and trends. Therefore, we decided to conduct a survey, which we named Business Animation 2020 Survey Report. The information gathered from the survey is based on 50 results. These are taken from individuals who work in a variety of small and medium enterprises to FTSE 100 organisations. … Read More

LinkedIn Video, Everything You Need to Know in 2020

LinkedIn Video - Everything you need to know

In this blog post, we will tell you everything you need to know about LinkedIn video in 2020. LinkedIn video is getting increasingly important to prioritise for your business. The social media platform was founded in 2004 with the idea that it would connect professionals. However, LinkedIn has evolved and is now a place for promoting, selling and advertising. Above all, LinkedIn … Read More

Animation For Business: 7 Reasons Why You Should Use It.

Animation for business - 7 reasons why you should use it

Animation for your business is something you should be considering. With video’s being the main way people gain their information online, it is thoroughly important to stand out. If you are posting regular video content on your website, emails and social media platforms, well done. You are already ahead of some of your competitors, as according to Buffer only 25% … Read More

Video Marketing, 9 Ways it Will Improve your Business

Video Marketing , 9 ways it will improve your business

Video Marketing has become one of the most important marketing strategies. Businesses far and wide are finding it increasingly important to publish video to reach their customers and we are busier than ever here at Stormy Studio. After some market research of our own, we’ve discovered that video has become so influential online that: Video now makes up about 80% … Read More

How to use animation in your B2B content marketing strategy

B2b Animation in content marketing strategy

How to use animation in your B2B content marketing strategyTop-quality content in your B2B marketing has proven to harvest astonishing results and companies the world over are reaping the benefits. What’s more, the results are long-term and are seen in direct sales and leads. It’s no secret the B2B market is evolving as fast as technology is advancing. New tactics … Read More

Animation projects, simplified with our online tools

Animation Projects simplified with 6 online tools

6 things to make animation projects more efficient for our clients and our production team.We really hate our clients and we hate our staff wasting all their valuable time across a wide area of the animation projects process. (*we like both our clients and staff of course… most of the time 🙂It’s for this reason that we’ve put the following … Read More

Remote Animation Team – Top Tips

remote animation teams

Remote animation team – Top tips on effective, remote team-workingIn the space of a few short days working life for many has been completely turned upside down. ‘Only leave the house to go to work if you cannot work from home’… the words swept the land, leaving some of us dumbfounded and wondering how we were all going forward. If … Read More

Animation Video Marketing Stats – 2020 Survey Report

Business animation video marketing stats survey image

Animation Video Marketing Stats – 2020 Survey ReportPLUS free video marketing stats PDF downloadAfter much analysis and data interpretation, we are pleased to bring you the Stormy Studio business animation video marketing stats – 2020 Survey report. We asked 50 businesses across varying sectors of industry, a selection of questions about business animation. The primary aim of the questionnaire was … Read More

5th Animation Studio Anniversary

Animation studio 5 years old

Holy S£%#! we’re celebrating our 5th animation studio anniversaryFrom the first day when opening Stormy Studios doors back on the 2nd March 2015, the distant plan was to create and grow a creative business that would still be going (and hopefully thriving) after 5 years. This week we crossed that milestone and were able to celebrate our 5th animation studio … Read More

7 reasons your business needs an animated video

7 reasons your business needs an animated video

7 reasons your business needs an animated videoImagine enticing imagery, engaging  animated video content, being enthralled by it’s attractive and smart tone only to be jolted back to reality. You’re staring mindlessly at someone talking about… oh, you’ve forgotten. Ask yourself which scenario would you remember? We have detailed 7 reasons your business needs an animated video and gone a … Read More

Top tips on writing an animation project proposal

top tips on writing an animation project proposal

Top tips on writing an animation project proposalPlus free proposal template downloadWriting an animation project proposal may feel like an insignificant step on the road to creating your fab and engaging video. But it can mean the difference between a good production and an outstanding one. When working with companies like Stormy Studio, It’s essential for them to fully understand what … Read More

Small Business Videos. What can make them great

Small business videos Animation studio promo - how can we help your business

What makes for great small business videos?Making effective small business videos is now a common marketing exercise carried out by businesses around the world.Where ever you intend on displaying your business videos. Standing out from the competition, engaging an audience and depicting your brand with style is key. Stormy Studio – Animation Studio Introduction and Promo from StormyStudio on Vimeo.We … Read More

YouTube Video Thumbnails: Every you need to know

Best Youtube video thumbnail size

YouTube video thumbnail sizes and content are one of those little things worth giving extra attention to get right. They may be small but they are certainly not insignificant and technically, your YouTube thumbnails can determine how successful your Youtube channel and content can be. Thumbnails are the first thing that viewers glimpse on YouTube. A small, clickable taster that … Read More

Why is social media video for business essential in 2020?

Social media video for business

Social media video is the most effective way of gaining more views, creating more engagement and receiving more responses than any other technique of posting online. Let’s explore the different avenues for social media video for your business. Here’s some evidence that supports why social media video is so important for your business in 2020? Animation Video Marketing Stats – … Read More

How to Set up a YouTube Channel: Step By Step Process

How to setup a Youtube Channel

If you have pulled your chair up to set up a YouTube channel. Then you’re in the right place. Our clear step-by-step guidelines can get you set up in a jiffy. Setting up a YouTube channel for the first time can be a bit daunting and annoyingly involved. To make the most of your channel it’s worth spending time doing … Read More

Gif Maker tutorial. How to use Gif Brewery 3 to make an animated gif

Gif maker - How to make a gif

Creating gifs in a social media age of memes and fast-paced content is an essential tool to learn. It’s great for business use, and for engaging online. In this walkthrough, we’ll make use of Gif Brewery 3 on your Mac. A powerful but intuitive gif maker. Plus it’s free. Read and learn exactly how to use a gif maker. Gif … Read More

How to Embed Video in PowerPoint

How to embed video in Powerpoint

Have you have been wondering how to embed video into PowerPoint? There is an easy and free way to do it. Discover how to embed video into PowerPoint, how to set your video, how to determine the start time, and how to add animated videos to your PowerPoint slides. Upload Your Video to YouTube No matter what you think of … Read More

How To Set Up Video Ads On Linkedin: Walkthrough

Setup video ads on LinkedIn

Video ads on Linkedin are a significant tool to add to your marketing belt. Read on for an explanation of how to set up a Linkedin video ad today. Linkedin’s potential for high-quality leads is its hidden gem. Used correctly it can help you reach the people who can make important company decisions. But how do you get started? Step … Read More

Animation Studio News – Vol. 1

Animation Studio News 2020 • Press & Awards • 08/01/20 2020 is off to a cracking start for Stormy Studio… with our first ever animation studio news post, being chock full of cool content.Winter solstice has been and gone, and we’re throwing ourselves into work as business animation is booming. I sympathise with the echo of deep sighs as we … Read More