Video Production Plymouth

Plymouth video production company

Our team of animators compliment filming services. We use the professional lighting and camera kit to ensure rich images and audio. Local studio location, with a focus on quality productions This short showreel highlights of some of our Plymouth video production companies more recent motion graphics work and a little bit of filming. We share other film related projects below. … Read More

Gif Maker tutorial. How to use Gif Brewery 3 to make an animated gif

Gif maker - How to make a gif

Creating gifs in a social media age of memes and fast-paced content is an essential tool to learn. It’s great for business use, and for engaging online. In this walkthrough, we’ll make use of Gif Brewery 3 on your Mac. A powerful but intuitive gif maker. Plus it’s free. Read and learn exactly how to use a gif maker. Gif … Read More

How to Embed Video in PowerPoint

How to embed video in Powerpoint

Have you have been wondering how to embed video into PowerPoint? There is an easy and free way to do it. Discover how to embed video into PowerPoint, how to set your video, how to determine the start time, and how to add animated videos to your PowerPoint slides. Upload Your Video to YouTube No matter what you think of … Read More

How To Set Up Video Ads On Linkedin: Walkthrough

Setup video ads on LinkedIn

Video ads on Linkedin are a significant tool to add to your marketing belt. Read on for an explanation of how to set up a Linkedin video ad today. Linkedin’s potential for high-quality leads is its hidden gem. Used correctly it can help you reach the people who can make important company decisions. But how do you get started? Step … Read More

Animation Studio News – Vol. 1

2020 is off to a cracking start for Stormy Studio… with our first ever animation studio news post, being chock full of cool content.Winter solstice has been and gone, and we’re throwing ourselves into work as business animation is booming. I sympathise with the echo of deep sighs as we re-calibrate for work following the hectic and heady season that … Read More

Animation Studio win 2020 AVA Digital Platinum award

You know when some years start the right way? Well so far 2020 has seen Stormy Studio feature in a world-renowned newspaper, and now we are the winner of an AVA Digital animation award. A Platinum award no less!! We have won the highest accolade in the Motion Graphics Explanation category. The animation was produced for Bristol Energy to convey … Read More

Animation studio in The Times – Stormy Studio

Stormy Studio in the Times

Oh my… our bespoke animation studio is featured in The Times newspaper, in print, online and in their app. We’re just a tad excited…Jon Draper, the founder of our UK animation studio, Stormy Studio, had to learn to adjust to late payment early on in business. Now 5 years on, business is growing steadily with new staff joining our South West … Read More

Amazing Animation Studios UK

Amazing animation studios UK

Lets look at the amazing animation studios UK has to offer. The United Kingdom has long been at the forefront of cinema and animation production. Delivering premium business marketing ads and movie visuals for the masses. After decades creating state of the art film production, at sites like Pinewood, Ealing and Shepperton Studios. The UK has further cemented its place … Read More

How an animation studio manages cashflow

Animation studio manages cashflow

Jon and Emma Draper, founders of UK animation studio, Stormy Studio, had to learn to adjust to late payment early on in the business. Plus overtime they’ve learnt effectively how an animation studio manages cashflow. Jon says “Back in 2014, having taken a big leap, we moved with two young children from London to the Devonshire coastline. Our plan, to … Read More

How to get organic SEO backlinks

Get organic seo backlinks

Despite heading up the marketing of a relatively small business, we hit well above our weight in how we get organic SEO backlinks. Our UK animation studio is a small bespoke outfit, currently approaching its 5th year in business. I’m the founder of ‘Stormy Studio’ and whilst I’m an animator by trade with 15+ years. Over the past 5 years, … Read More

100 Animated Explainer Video Examples

Animated explainer video examples

So, let’s just jump straight to it… here’s are collated selection of 100 animated explainer video examples. (*Well… it’s not quit 100 yet.. but we’re still adding to it…) We’ve selected those that show creative excellence, stunning design and originality whilst explaining a business subject, product or service clearly and effectively. Finding a balance between engagement and business messaging. “Let’s … Read More

How to write a corporate video script in 10 steps

How to write as corporate video script - 10 expert tips

The use of video marketing continues to rise, with more companies seeing the benefits and investing in corporate video production than ever before. The high rate of return on investment has helped cement this continued growth and the expected quality of content and effectiveness is more elevated than ever. So how do you write a corporate video script that will … Read More

Top 10 Health and Safety Training Companies

10 Best Health and Safety Training Companies

Do a quick Google search for “health and safety training,” and you’ll be inundated with more results than you can shake your spikey Health and Safety stick at. As health and safety best practices evolve and the push for certification, it isn’t surprising to have so many providers of HSE training arrive to fill the growing demand. The problem is … Read More

Interview with an animator, carving out a corporate animation career

Interview with an animator - Jon Draper - Stormy Studio

Interview with an animator, Jon Draper from Stormy Studio This interview with an animator was conducted for a careers site. With an aim of providing those seeking a career in animation some useful insight and a working animators point of view. We’re pleased to be able to share it here too, complimenting our recent blog posts on starting an animation … Read More

10 Top Tips: Get animation industry experience

How to get animation industry experience

UK animation studio shares: 10 top tips onhow to get animation industry experienceand get a job as an animator If you’ve arrived at this page you’ll no doubt agree that animation is an exciting career path. The wide range of creative disciplines the industry calls upon is fantastic. The credits sequence for an animated feature film highlights the nearly endless … Read More

10 Top Tips for Starting An Animation Studio

10 Top Tips For Setting up an animation studio

Founder of successful UK animation business ‘Stormy Studio’ shares: 10 top tips for starting an animation studio of your own. If you’re reading this page you’re quite likely passionate about working as an animator and keen to setup a profitable animation business of your own.Working as an animator itself is an highly rewarding job, with so many varied skill sets … Read More

The Future of Immersive Technologies in Storytelling


At Stormy Studio we’ve always taken a very keen interest in VR and the advancements new forms of virtual media provide. In recent years our studio has developed a number of in-house R&D animation projects for virtual reality headsets. It’s an area of media output we feel will continue to mature and provide amazing oppportunities and experiences. The way we … Read More

Aerial shot of our Plymouth animation studio

Plymouth Animation Studio - Aerial Shot

Have you ever wondered where our Plymouth animation studio is… No..?… Well, we’re in the confidently ugly, little red building opposite that big ol’ yacht. In Turnchapel, Plymouth, Devon. It’s of course what’s on the inside that counts… well that plus… exciting projects, happy clients with engaging videos, a good cuppa tea and having a bloomin awesome view. The hugh … Read More

Creative R&D – iFootage Motorised Slider S1A1

Motorised Slider R&D

A late afternoon and al the more pressing work had been tackled, so I decided to try out our new motorised slider. This week we received the second part of our awesome camera slider kit. We’d purchased the iFootage Shark Slider S1 for a client video shoot at the end of 2017. We were then fortunate enough to grab a … Read More

Draft Table iPad Pro Review

Drafttable ipad pro stand review

As Stormy Studio had just purchased a new high quality stand (The Draft Table by Elevation Lab) for the iPad Pro to improve our animators work flow, I thought it was worthy of a quick video review. We’ve been working with the iPad Pro more and more over the past year. It’s a superb tool when accompanied by the right … Read More

Power the Blackmagic Pocket BMPCC with the SmallHD Focus

Right to cut a short stroy, even shorter (it’s time to go home and I still have’nt written this blog post). We’ve bought a very new and shiny SmallHD Focus field monitor to use with our Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera (and possibly other cameras). The monitor image is of course superb. The touch screen works responsively. The setup and ease … Read More

Online Video Is Skyrocketing

Online Video is Skyrocketing

Here’s a rather excellent video (from Facebook) looking at why online video is sky rocketing. It certainly seems like a good time to be in the media production. More than ever we find ourselves looking at the design strategy behind a video production, to ensure it engages a viewer, acheives its goals and delivers a great return on investment. If … Read More

How to setup your own animation studio

how to get animation industry experience

In order to help other aspiring animators and designers realise their business dreams. We’ve put together this short series on ‘How To Setup Your Own Animation Studio’. Now, this is the first series I (Jon Draper) have presented, so some of it is a little rough round the edges. Let’s face it, I’d be much more comfortable at my desk … Read More

Create a fixed footer menu in your header using Xtheme Pro

If you use the excellent Themeco Pro theme to build up your WordPress website. Plus would like to have a fixed footer menu for mobile users. You may find the below information useful. We quickly breakdown how we’ve designed out own fixed footer menu for mobile users. It’s actually part of the header builder which is included with the WordPress … Read More

A short & sweet motion graphic animation

motion graphic

Here’s a short and sweet motion graphic animation. I created this quite simply because I was in the mood to create something with a rolling square and wanted to try out a few ideas. This short animation was created using Adobe After Effects.

Alternative to

Website UI Testing

As you’ve arrive here you’ve probably already discovered and are looking for an alternative to their full service site. They’re both fantastic and I recommend checking them both out. Whilst offering a great service we found the pricing a little too high for our business at this time. However we have found a great lower cost alternative to … Read More

Tidy desk to reignite your creative juices

Tidy desk Animators desk

Sometimes in our animation studio I’ll find that I’ve lost my creative mojo, I just can not find the right mindset or enthusiasm to carry on with a project. I’ll often decide that a tidy desk could be the answer to reignite my creative spark. Whilst sometimes I’ll just keep pushing on and await the inevitable route that my day … Read More

Macro Filming – Test footage

macro filming

Macro Filming with a cheap CCTV lens: This weekend I tried out our macro filming rig. Which consists of our trusty BlackMagic Pocket Cinema camera and a cheap £20.00 CCTV lens (which comes with a C mount adaptor). The focal range is so tiny it’s really quite interesting to work with. Though the results from macro filming are quite spectacular. … Read More