Adding a marketing video to a business website should be an essential part of web design and your SEO?


Today everyone is able to have a truly professional looking website for their business without having to spend a fortune. Talented web design companies offer great high end results and services and many smaller businesses are tackling website design themselves thanks to the ease of use provided by design software like the ever popular WordPress.

So you think your website is pretty awesome huh?

• So you’ve got a great product or service… and a professional looking website… awesome!!
• Your website has all the info, images and is setup to be SEO friendly… good job.
• Your website viewers are leaving before they read what it is you can do for them… oh dear!!
• Your competitors have a marketing video on their front page and you just have an image slider followed by many paragraphs of text… we’ll I’ve no idea what you could possibly do to better them… oh wait… what is it stormy studio do again?

If any of the above (or maybe all of them) are true for you or your company than you should already be considering the possibility of a marketing video for your website. Hell you’re reading this so you are… pat yourself on the back… sit back and have a cuppa tea… job done…

.. oh but wait.. lets talk a little more about the benefits of adding a video to your business website. (I know this is text, but hey… text is good still… text is cheap :-)…

Why adding a video to your website should be an essential part of web design:

• If images can tell a 1000 words than a video is quite simply priceless.

• Explain complex ideas like cloud computing or logistics simply and clearly with animated graphics and a perfect voiceover.

• A video (animated or filmed) can raise the profile of your company delivering a message in a premium way and re-enforce your brand.

• Stunning animation & filmed video will impress but when backed by a truly great creative it can go viral and reach an audience of millions.

As we’ve recently been changing the copy on our website we soon hit the 21st century hurdle of what keywords to include to make sure Google loves us … i.e. make the site more SEO (Search engine optimisation) friendly.


How do people search for a video production company?

For us this is like the search for the holy grail as we’re always trying to think what it is someone with out any prior knowledge of the video industry would google when looking to have a video created to promote their service or business.

We use the terms corporate video, marketing animation, promo video, motion graphics, explainer video, web video, character animation, social media video campaign, mode of action, 3D visualisation and more. Which we know are all technically accurate in their description but maybe not what you’d be searching for without knowing a little bit on the subject first.

So we’re always racking our brains trying to pin down what it is the person tasked with marketing a business or product searches for…

Please do share your comments if you can think of any common ones (or uncommon) we’re simply not aware of.