There are number of variables that make up the cost of every unique animated video production we produce. Everything from length, content, style, quality, usage and turn around time come into play. We’ve touched on each of these further down this page.

At Stormy studio we appreciate this can be aggravating when you simply want a ball park figure to see if a project may be viable. To alleviate this we have a quick PDF price guide and offer quick tailored quotes which are normally turned around within 24 hours, sometimes a lot less.

animated video price guide

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To help answer the question of ‘How much does an animated video cost to produce? We’ve produced our own handy PDF price guide. Which includes some tangible pricing.

For example our entry level (Bronze) animated business explainers start at around £2250+VAT per minute. We then move up from there.

Our PDF animation priceguide includes the costs for different tiered levels of animation production, plus extra services such as voiceover recording and music production.

Animation pricing tiers

We have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers of pricing to help with answering ‘how much does an animated video cost to produce’.

Please get in touch and we’ll send out our price guide PDF today.

How much does an animated video cost?Get a quote for an animated business video.

• Request an accurate bespoke quote

If you’d like a more accurate answer to ‘How much does an animated video cost?’ we recommend getting in touch via phone, email or our contact form.

If you can share just a few basic details about your project we can send over a tailored quote (normally within 24hrs).

Simply let us know a few details:
•What would you like the video to achieve?
• Who is the target audience?
• Do you have an ideal length?
• Is there a deadline?
• Plus include any video links to styles that you like.

Get a tailored quote and get the ball rolling on an animated video like those seen in our latest showreel.

How do we arrive at an animation quote?


  • We find out about your project

    To start with we’ll discuss your business needs and expected results from a commissioned animation video. We then take into account the following variables.

  • Video / Script Length

    Quite simply more animation takes longer to produce. Though a simpler style or slower content delivery can keep costs low.

  • Style & Aesthetic

    From crisp & clear 2d motion graphics, overly animated characters, crafty mixed media animations, cinematic filming, to dynamic 3D environments. We’ll build the needed production time for a style into our quote.

  • Content & Pacing

    Whether you have a single clear marketing message and visual, or multiple services and intricate character visuals. We bare this all in mind.

  • Quality / Detail

    The expected level of polish and complexity on any section of animation changes the amount of time needed. We’ll take this into account when providing our project quote.

  • Music & Voiceover

    Voiceover artist and music licensing are included in our quotes. So you can confidently know the answer to ‘how much does an animated video cost?’ from the start.

  • Final Format & Usage

    As well as producing full HD mp4s for web and live presentations. We can adapt a quote if you require more complex media delivery and usage rights. i.e. TV, film, apps, interactive web video players, interactive VR & 360º video formats.

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Videos and creatives for BBC
Videos and creatives for BBC
Videos and creatives for BBC
Videos and creatives for BBC

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