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• Illustrator/Motion Designer Role

Job Title:
Mid-Level/Senior Motion Designer & Illustrator

Motion Design / Broadcast Design

Job Overview:
Our bespoke animation studio, situated on the coast in South West England (United Kingdom) is steadily growing. We're just approaching our 5th year in business and we're looking for 1 or 2 new motion designers to join the Stormy ranks.

We're looking for a talented, driven motion graphics and character animator. Whilst it would be great if you were local and able to work in our studio in Plymouth, UK. We're also open to the right, highly driven candidate working remotely.

We're keen to find someone with fantastic illustration skills, clear modern style to help continue to raise the quality of output our studio produces.

We're always balancing speed and quality of production and keen to find someone with fantastic illustration skills, clear modern style to help continue to raise the quality of output our studio produces.

Stormy Studio produces a wide range of work from techy 3D and VFX, to 2D explainer videos mixing After Effects and Cel Animation. We also do the odd spot of filming, but only when it complements a creative animation style.

Our clients include national brands and global organisations across a wide range of industries.

FYI... We're currently producing a series of  2D videos to raise awareness of Malaria, a series of 2D videos promoting renewable energy for a national electricity firm, a 3D instructional guide for a product design company. Plus we have many other exciting (and not so exciting) bits on the horizon too...

Our studio strives to work a 4 day week whenever possible. Ensuring the team all stay excited, maintain a passion for the work and find a good work/life balance. We do arrange days to ensure projects move forward throughout the week.

The role may begin as freelance with a real view to becoming a part-time position. Then as the studio grows and if interested a full-time position would be offered.

Essentially...We like having fun whilst producing cool visuals on time and budget for happy clients.

If working remotely we'd check in now and then via skype/zoom/WhatsApp calls. Chat via Slack and share files and projects via Dropbox.

Experience Level:

Plymouth, Devon, United Kingdom (Open to remote position for right candidate).

Preferred Skill Set
Above all else: Adobe Illustrator with great design eye and basic understanding of After Effects.

Secondary Skillset:
After Effects Motion Graphic Expert • Art Direction • Motion Design • Storyboard Illustration • Concept Art,

Bonus Skillset:
Photoshop • 3D Package knowledge • After Effects 3rd Party Plugin Experience (i.e. element 3D, Plexus, Stardust).
Cel Animation • Video Editing • Sound Design (*Adobe Audition).

Job Type:
Freelance / Part-time (*Potential for full time positiom later in the year)

£125 - £350 (*per day depending on level of awesome)

But When?
We're hoping to bring 1 or 2 new people into the team.

Get in touch
Please send a concise, 1 page CV, link to showreel/examples of your animation and design work. Highlight your skill level in After Effects and Design. Plus please let us know your current location and availability. Email: [email protected]

Or complete the form at the top this page.

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Recent Work

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Renewable Energy Animation Series

Stormy Studio worked on a series of videos for BE to promote the companies positive stance on renewable energy usage and highlight the impact of the climate emergency.

Through a 'design lead' approach, our creative team were able to arrive at the vibrant imagery and animation seen throughout the business animation. Something which was used to great affect across the series of videos.

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A studio by the Stormy seas of Devon

Based on the coast in Plymouth, Devon, UK. Our low overhead costs, local talented motion graphic designers and production team mean we are very competitive on both price and quality.

Founded in 2013, we work on projects covering a wide range of corporate industries across the UK and overseas (with many clients in London and the US).

We have worked on many motion graphic videos from initial concept through to the completed high quality animated video.

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality work at competitive rates.

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