Become an Advert King Pin – Run your own game ad network using GameSalad

Morning world.. topic of conversation for the day … Create your own Ad Network….



* I’m not suggesting the following is great idea, worth the effort or would necessarily work but it’s an interesting idea to throw around and maybe makes some sense.

I think it would be possible to run our own interstitial ads in iOS games.

In iOS at the moment we can use the embedded browser (don’t think this currently works for Android?).

Plus we can send and receive data to and from a server using tables. (Pro feature in nightly)

1. The game could download a fresh a table from your server with a list of URLS to different ad pages running on your own site.
2. In the game, you could trigger the opening of the embedded browser and send the user to one of the URLs from the table.
3. You could measure the viewing and click through rate of the ad using your normal website tools.

Initially you could release the game running your own adverts which advertise the space or your other games, or contact ad companies to see if they’d like to buy the ad space or try and implement a 3rd parties advertising service yourself running on a webpage of the right dimensions.

You could keep it simple and just charge a day rate for an advert, month, year… and not necessarily charge for click through rate.

Setting up a separate site where people could buy ad space would be no mean feat at all, but if you had a hit game with over a 100,000 active players a day it might pay rather well. Google have done ok with ads.

I know we have some working ad networks on iOS and some soon to be working ones with Android but who knows running your own ads might pay better… or it might not… or the effort of doing it might be way too ambitious.

Anyway… I’m not actually ever gonna try this but it is quite cool to think we have that sort of power and even cooler to think I could be a king pin.