Cinema 4D is going to be integrated into after effects using cineware

The news that Cinema 4D is going to be integrated into the next release of Adobe After Effects is big news in the motion graphics, animation and visual effects industry.

It surely has to be good news for both software packages and give the users of each piece of kit confidence that the software they use is innovating and set to be around for many years to come.

Whether the first release brings many time saving options is yet to be seen, but the fact that these two companies are working together is great news. I only wish I’d personally scrubbed up on my C4D skills rather than relying on my 3ds max skills with the hope that it would one day get released on the Mac OperatIng system (which we use).

The new cineware software which is at the core of the maxon cinema 4D and After Effects integration is surely going to encourage more users to get to know cinema 4D and if people are compositing in something else they too will no doubt be inclined to look at Adobe After Effects and all the latest updates and plugins.

At Stormy Studio we’ve always used Adobe After Effects as the main piece of kit for almost all our work. It’s constantly amazing us how quickly we can produce promotional videos, idents and animations with the quality of work always improving as the software improves our workflow with new plugins and its own improvements.

If the after effects cinema 4D integration turns out to be as successful as we all hope it will be this could mean we can offer higher quality work as it will reduce the time to render out 3d scenes.

The software will no doubt raise questions over how it affects the usefulness of the excellent Element 3D plugin for After Effects. It’s a great plugin that let’s you add 3d objects, obj sequences, text and particle arrays into your Ae composition. It works using open gl and currently limits options for shadows and reflections. It is a very handy tool that renders in lightning speed and has really shaken up the 3d motion graphics world already.

I’m sure both the 3D element plugin and Maxons Cineware will work together well and it will be down to the user to decide which circumstances best suit the project. Render times in sure will still be an issue with cineware compared to element 3D.

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