‘Crustacean Nation’ Game Promo for indie developer

We’ve just finished work producing a fun little promo video for indie game developer ‘Riffel Interactive Media’.

The game promo was produced using Adobe After Effects and a mixture of 3rd party tools.

We mixed supplied game footage with the 3D iphone 5 and created some animated sequences using the games main character ‘The Crab’.

We hope that by using smooth panning camera moves, subtle lens flares, animated text and a cool reggae sound track we were able to bring the fun of the game out in the promo.

The aim was to produce an excellent easy to digest marketing video for Riffels latest iOS game release ‘Crustacean Nation’.

Hopefully we nailed it, creating a fun upbeat video which pointed out key aspects of the game plus showed a good amount of real gameplay.

Check out the game on the iOS App Store here.


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Here’s our 1 minute long promo video.



If your interested in knowing more about the production process or perhaps need a promo video yourselves please don’t hesitate to get in contact, we’d love to chat your project through big or small.