Draft Table iPad Pro Review

Drafttable ipad pro stand review

As Stormy Studio had just purchased a new high quality stand (The Draft Table by Elevation Lab) for the iPad Pro to improve our animators work flow, I thought it was worthy of a quick video review.

We’ve been working with the iPad Pro more and more over the past year. It’s a superb tool when accompanied by the right app and know how to create storyboards, concept art and now full blown animation. Whether thats using Astro Pad to turn the ipad Pro into a Wacom Cintiq alternative connected to an iMac, or with Clip Studio Paint which allows for professional hand drawn animation to be created entirely on the iPad.

With all these possibilities to use the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil in more production, it was pretty self evident that we’d benefit from a better stand for the ipad, which is where the Draft Table by Elevation Lab comes in. As much as I love working with the ipad whilst lazing on a sofa or when out and about, it’s when working at a desk in the studio than the ipad can be its most effective. With a fixed stand at just the right angle we can undoubtebly increase the time we effectively produce work.

I hope you like the brief video review, hopefully it’s something I find the enthusiasm to do more of in the future.

Below is a little Amazon affiliate link, so if you buy via the below link we get a small kick back from Amazon. Much like the review it’s the first time we’ve done this, so we’ll see how it goes.

Elevation Lab DT-100 DraftTable for iPad Pro – Elevation Lab DT-100 DraftTable for iPad Pro