Effective Animation – What is it worth to your business?

Effective Animation what is it worth to your business

Effective animation is unbelievably profitable to a business. Sure, entrepreneurs can create the best products or come up with the greatest solutions, but these are pointless without the audience understanding what is being sold or communicated to them.

In this article, we will explain why effective animation is beneficial to your business and what it is worth.

Why should you consider effective animation?

1. Effective animation will boost sales 

The initial cost of animation may seem overwhelming, but it will return on investment. Adding videos to your landing page will not only save words but will also explain your business or product more clearly and in a quicker time.  With the internet being fast-paced, consumers’ attention must be grasped quickly, or else they will move away from your page. According to Biteable, 74% of the online brands surveyed say that videos have a better return on investment than static images alone. Showing that video is the way forward when approaching online marketing efforts. 

2. Animation never goes passed its sell by date

Unlike live footage, animation won’t look out of place in years. With video cameras improving all the time, live video can look grainy and poor quality in only a few years. Think back to some of the footage we see now in the early part of the century, it seems like it was created in prehistoric times. Yet, animation is timeless, meaning that your investment will resonate with your consumer for a longer amount of time. After all, if a video looks poor quality, consumers are less likely to believe in your story. 

3. Conveys complex subjects simply

At Stormy Studio we create animations for the most complex industries, such as pharma, finance, and renewable energy. Using animation has helped this business to explain what they do to a wider audience. For example, we have created explainer videos for these industries to explain how their products work. These tutorial animation videos are a perfect solution to dissect intricate points into simpler visual aids. 

4. Websites get more exposure

Effective animation will increase the time a consumer spends on your website. How do we know? Well, if your animation grips your audience, they will undoubtedly watch the video the whole way through. Say your animation is one minute thirty seconds long, then the potential customer will more than likely stay on your website for that length of time. This will signal to Google that your website is getting hits and people are engaging with your landing pages, therefore your Google ranking will improve. 

This is much more effective than having written copy as potential customers may quickly scan your page and decide that your product or services aren’t for them.  

5. Effective animation will make you stand out from your competitors

With digital becoming more and more competitive, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Having effective animation will show your audience that you are serious about your business or product. Not every business will invest the money in animation, but if you do it could sway a consumer’s decision to pick your service over a rival business. 

Effective animation will also be bespoke to your business, therefore cannot be replicated by a competitor. This will make your business look individual and give a lasting impression to the audience. 

6. Creates a trusting relationship between the brand and audience

Some of the most effective animations create an everlasting memory on consumers, which builds an ongoing trust between brands and customers. An example of this is Compare the Market, who use Aleksandr as the character of their animations. Aleksandr has been used by Compare the Market for over a decade and this familiar character gives an emotive connection to the brand. Animation is a great tool for evoking emotion where your audience will want to invest in you for making them feel a certain way. If this trust is instilled, the consumer will undoubtedly keep using your product or services. 

What will an animation cost your business?

It is difficult to state exactly how much an animation will cost as it is dependent on the complexity and length of the animation. For example, the approximate cost for a professional quality 60 second, 2D animation could cost between £4,500 to £9,500. Yet, the price will increase for a more bespoke 3D design with multiple characters, which could range between £12,000 to £28,000+. 

Are animations worth the return of investment?

Well, according to Wyzowl 2020 video marketing statistics animations are worth the ROI, because:

  • 89% of video marketers say video gives good ROI on each video which has been created by or for them
  • 95% of video marketers plan to increase or maintain their video marketing budgets
  • 80% of video marketers express that video has increased sales of their product or ideas

We admit this sounds like a lot of money to invest but if your animation gets hits to your landing page, social media coverage, a better understanding of your product and can be used forever then we think it’s a brilliant return on investment. 

After all, if you intrigue your audience, make them feel emotion and create a lasting impression, the return of investment on an effective animation is endless!

Final thoughts

We are obviously crazy about animation and video production; we admit that we are biased. Nonetheless, the statistics are there to see. Animations are a fantastic return on investment; they engage your customers and give your product or business the coverage it deserves. 

If you want some advice or a quote, please don’t hesitate to visit our home page or contact us directly. 

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