Effective Health and safety animated videos

Effective Health and Safety Videos

Stormy Studio were fortunate enough to win a great corporate video production contract with UK Power Networks. We were commissioned to produce a series of effective health and safety animatedvideos.

We relished the challenge of exploring relatable, light hearted and effective health and safety creatives. Each video needed to be around 45 seconds long and touch upon a single business message.

Health and safety is a great subject for animated video production as it allows you to explore dangerous scenarios, use visual effects, whilst still delivering a professional branded end result.

The scripts were based on health and safety posters the company had produced in the past. We then developed multiple creative ideas, which found a balance between fun and maintaining their professional company image.


effective health and safety animated videos

The characters, 2D and 3D environments were first sketch out, before being brought to life in our in house animation and design software.

The videos were created one at a time throughout the Summer of 2016. Each was released company wide and viewed by the whole organisation at presentation as well as on their  company internal comms system which everyone logs into.

The project has been a great success and lead to other successful animated video projects for the company. 

Effective health and safety animations

What makes an animated health & safety video effective?

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    Control health and safety script & messaging

    We can work with you to design a light hearted professional script which still the key health and safety messages.

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    Depict dangerous situations

    You can have fun with your business health and safety messages. Put characters in various dangerous situations and show the different approaches. Whether it needs to be highly emotive or slap stick the right approach for your effective health and safety video campaign and brand can be found.

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    Use visual FX

    Animated visual effects can bring your businesses health and safety videos up a level. Adding effects for fire, smoke, electricity with ease. Whether it’s realistic effects being added to live action filmed health and safety scenarios or to compliment a fully animated situation it can add real value.

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    Make it light hearted & engaging

    We all understand that delivering effective health and safety is a serious matter for businesses and governments. Though that’s no reason not to make the message delivery fun and engaging. Working with your brand colour palette and unique creative ideas we can bring characters, environments and situations to life in a way that your audience will enjoy and remember for far longer than a typical powerpoint presentation.

Click the below image to see one video from a series of animated and effective health and safety videos.

character animation studio

See more videos in our portfolio section all about health and safety animations. Or get in touch today to discuss your effective health and safety video project using our contact page. You can see 3 of the video back to back on our Youtube channel here.

Effective Health and safety videos created for
health and safety animated videos for UK Power Networks

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