EZ FX jib for incredible filmic shots



We’re very pleased to have received our new camera jib today as it opens up a whole new world of fantastic cinematic shooting angles and movements.

The main reason for buying is for an upcoming shoot which will really benefit form the jibs movement for the finale shot as we pan up into the tree canopy away from the narrative action.

Stormy Studio decided to invest in a very high quality piece of kit, the EZ FX Camera jib with extension and uniqueEZ FX handle.

EZ FX Jib review

The EZ FX jib’s quality and price point (purchased 2nd hand via eBay) meant it was the perfect fit for our current and future productions. It cost a tad more than our initial intended budget but the solid construction means there’s no fear of the jib going wrong and it should hold a good resale value should we ever wish to go that route in the future.

It’s an incredibly solid piece of kit and built like a tank, the first section of the EZ FX jib can be setup in less than 4 minutes and is incredibly simple to do.

To add the extension arm takes a bit more time and we’d probably allow for 20 minutes construction time in the future when preparing for any shoots.

All the bolts on the EZ FX jib can be done by hand and there’s absolutely no need for any tools.


So far, I haven’t a bad word to say about the jib and I’ll revise this review win the future after a few more projects have ben tackled.