Filming a sunset – Test shots

A short edit of a of shots filmed with a concious effort being made to try to expose to the right to maximise to image data being capture by the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.

Though I’m more than happy with some of the shots there were still some areas that could be improved.

Lessons learned:
There’s some flickering on some of the lights on the pontoon shot (16 seconds in). I should have increased the shutter angle to stop this which would also benefit shooting in low light but add more slight motion blur to the water.

There is quite a bit of noise on the darker parts of the image in some shots. Perhaps I could/should have exposed more to the right here, increased the shutter angle or the lens simply wasn’t up to the low light. Which could be the reason we need to buy a Metabones adaptor (which can add a full F stop) and allow us to use some stunning (pricier) full frame lenses.

Camera: Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera
Format: Shot with both PRORES and RAW formats.
Lens: Panasonic Lumix 12 to 35mm F2.8
Filter – Hoya, polarising filter.
Graded – Very quickly using Lumetri in Adobe Premiere CC2015