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Camera Equipment


    We use the latest cinema grade digital film cameras. We currently work with the Black Magic Pocket and Ursa Mini 4k cameras which deliver stunning visuals which can be fully colour graded in post.


    We’re able to shoot footage in full HD at up to 120 frames per second to create stunning slow mo footage. Delivering fantastic engaging visuals. This can then be ramped up and down in the edit.


    We have a range of fantastic Nikon and Canon mount lenses. Which enable us to select the perfect lens for every shot and maximise our high end cameras abilities. The Sigma 18 to 35mm being one of our favourites


    When filming we record in either a ProRes or RAW formats depending on the post production schedule and amount of filming. Both deliver a stunning image whilst RAW brings more control when colour grading in the edit suite.

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    We know how important perfect sound is to any video production. That’s why we use professional grade mics, recorders and monitors.


    Stormy Studio empty state of the art microphones like the Rode NDG3 to ensure the audio on the simplest talking head or filmed narrative is always crystal clear.


    We use boom poles to get our microphones as close as possible to the subject without interfering with the shot. Plus when needed we’ll use radio lapel mics to capture a presenter or interviewee as a 2nd audio track.


    Stormy studio will normally record multiple audio tracks directly to a external recorder (i.e. our Zoom h4) using industry grade XLR cables. Plus record a backup directly on the camera.

Professional filming rigs

At Stormy Studio we will always select the perfect camera for the job often hiring in specific kit. Whether it’s the latest GoPro, DJI Drone or Osmo, Sony A7S II for low light or film grade RED Camera.


However we do have our own array of cameras. The two camera rigs below are our current go to filming setups for the majority of Devon video production.


Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

This little power house is the perfect camera for building up into larger rigs with speedsters and high end lenses. Alternatively it’s great for tucking away in hard to reach places i.e. car interiors. The HD image it captures is incredible.


Blackmagic URSA Mini 4k

The URSA Mini 4k is a state of the art digital film camera designed to capture stunning images in the latest resolutions. Its ergonomic form factor, audio inputs and intuitive design makes it ideal for both corporate and narrative video production.



    Great sound and camera kit is all but worthless without a fantastic production team. Stormy studio will provide a team tailored for a given projects size, complexity and budget.


    The Director will be responsible for the style of video. They’ll direct actors and work with the full production team. They have a sound knowledge of all areas of the production from creative concept to edit and colour grade.


    A Director of Photography will ensure the perfect film camera and lens is selected for the needed shot. They have a thorough knowledge of camera setups, lighting, lenses, mounts and framing.

  • Camera Man

    The cameraman ensures the framing, shutter speeds, ISO setting and all things ‘camera’ are setup perfectly for the video production. They’ll work hand in hand with the sound op and Director.

  • Sound Op

    A sound operator will setup and monitor the audio being captured throughout a recording. Other than the director they’re the only other person who can shout ‘cut’ on set. They have a high end knowledge of all things sound.

  • Camera assistant

    We’ll often have a number of camera assistants. Either working as a ‘grip’ to help rig lighting and film kit, focus puller or simply a runner who can be on hand to transfer media and prepare lenses and filters.

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