Health and Safety Videos

Stormy Studio were commissioned by UK Power Networks to create a series of health and safety videos. Working with provided print materials as the basis for an overall character. We developed scripts, a 2D character rig, 3D vehicles and a clean animated vector style to use throughout the series.

Time Vs Risk – Animated Health and Safety Video

A light hearted narrative used to explain the dangers of balancing time and risk.

Strong character animation and good environment design help reenforce the health and safety videos message.

2D character animation


Animated Text Based Promo Video

Impactful 2D animation created for a Devon based Age Awareness campaign.

2D Kinetic Typography

Alpha State

Health & Safety Animation

Light hearted Health and Safety video series created for UK Power Networks.

Animated explainer video

Personal Risk Perception (PRP)

Digital service explainer video

Modern animated explainer video created for an exciting California based tech startup.

Do you need health and safety videos for your business?