How do I make a 3 to 5 minute promotional animation for a business service.

how to work with animation studios to produce corporate video and promotional marketing and advertising

The goal of so many animations is to produce a 3 to 5 minute long animation that describes and promotes a businesses services. It’s worth working out early on what sort of visual style your after and checking with a production company that they can produce it at a cost your happy with.

A professional video productions should be able to deliver a full 3 minute modern 2D animation with a voiceover and music in 5 working days but this varies wildly depending on the style and techniques used. The more time and more budget you have the better quality the video will be.

Once provided with a script and brief a production studio will designate the project to one or more animators at the studio. They will then put together a storyboard to show the way in which the animated scenes will unfold, any camera moves as well as design early assets for use in the final animation. This allows you to review and tweak the animation early in so that time isn’t wasted producing content your not happy with and so increasing the time they can spend creating  animation and visuals you are happy with. As the animation develops a good project manager (or animator) will send you updates on the work every day or two so you can check that the work is progressing as you expect, this is to both your and the animation studios benefit as they won’t want to spend time creating unnecessary work and you will want the video produced on time and to a high standard.
Once the video is completed you will often be given the chance to review and amend the video a couple of times, though these amends should be minimal if you’ve had the chance to review during the animation production. Once signed off the video or animation production company will export the video to any required formats and either post them to you on a disc or hard drive or upload to a file sharing site like for you to download. If you need any advice on current formats for websites, DVD, Blu-ray, TV or Film please feel free to contact me.

Also if you’d like to know more about the animation process and get the ball rolling to have your 3 to 5 minute promo created by a professional and award winning studio in Plymouth in the  South West of England, please get in contact with Stormy Studio today.