How to setup your own animation studio

how to get animation industry experience

How to setup your own animation studio

In order to help other aspiring animators and designers realise their business dreams. We’ve put together this short series on ‘How To Setup Your Own Animation Studio’. Now, this is the first series I (Jon Draper) have presented, so some of it is a little rough round the edges. Let’s face it, I’d be much more comfortable at my desk or sitting with a sketchpad and a cuppa tea. Though hopefully the core of the information is useful for those considering setting up on their own.

The actual content should be relevant for most any creative business but it’s particularly geared toward animation & design.

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Setup your own animation studio…

Mixed Reality Filming Day 1

Gain Experience – 1

Overview of the series + How to gaining industry experience

In this is initial video, we introduce you to the aim of our short video series. Plus look at how you can gain experience in the industry after leaving Uni or College.

Mixed Reality Filming Day 2

Take the Leap – 2

Weigihng up taking the leap to setup your own animation studio.

Making the BIG decision to leave the safety of full time employment is no easy task. Here we look at the various things to consider before taking the leap and setting up your own animation studio.

Mixed Reality Filming Day 3

Create Leads – 3

How to generate leads via marketing & social media activity

The success of your animation/design business will depend on good you are at generating leads. Here touch on marketing techniques we employ to gneerate our own studio leads.

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