Macro Filming – Test footage

macro filming

Macro Filming with a cheap CCTV lens:

This weekend I tried out our macro filming rig. Which consists of our trusty BlackMagic Pocket Cinema camera and a cheap £20.00 CCTV lens (which comes with a C mount adaptor).

The focal range is so tiny it’s really quite interesting to work with. Though the results from macro filming are quite spectacular. With some real production planning and a narrative this method could shine.

This was all filmed in and around my garden, on a particular sunny winters afternoon. The sun was quite low in the sky but still had a lot of impact.

At the same time I was trying out a new travel ready tripod, the Benro Aero. This is an excellent tripod and should work well for other filming projects.

I will however be looking to invest in a motorised slider soon, to create some super smooth, jaw dropping macro filming shots in the future.

Above all this afternoon reminded me that it’s very important to make time for creative idea development.