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Magnetips - Magnetic pens

Stumbled upon:

This morning whilst browsing the crowdfunding website Kick Starter I spotted these rather superb looking professional fine line pens. There’s a lot to like about the Magnetips pens firstly they’re refillable, look great and above all else they’re magnetic.

Concept art and storyboarding:

With an endless number of animated and filmed video projects due at our animation studio this year I know we’ll need some great pens for creative concept art and storyboarding.  We’re already developing hand drawn storyboards and character designs for a number of projects this month alone. This plus a slightly unhealthy passion for cool stationary was enough for me take the leap.

I’m pleased to say I’ve now backed my first ever Kick Starter Project.



Magnetips Pens Shipping:

The magnetips pens won’t be shipped to autumn this year but hopefully that’ll make for a nice surprise when they do eventually turn up.

I love the magnetips pens unique design and the idea of swiftly clicking the lid back onto the pen with a twist of the hand.

magnetips pens



Plus I’ll no doubt spend far too much time constructing pyramids (and other objects) using the magnetips when I’m not in the mood to put pen to paper.

The pens really do look very slick and I look forward to the kickstarter campaign coming to an end so I can select whether we want to go for colour or the black option.

Personally I think the black ones look particularly cool, though the colour ones probably make more sense for efficient working and speedy colour selection. Feel free to add any comments below on which option you’re going to go for.




Go on, go on, go on, go on…

If you’d like to pretend your Magneto from the X-men or perhaps just want to look like the coolest designer in your art studio then why not back the Magnetips pens project yourself.

Check out their superb Magnetips Pens KickStarter campaign here and also watch their video.