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Mixed Reality Filming

At Stormy Studio we’ve been investing a lot of time developing our own mixed reality filming techniques.
To compliment our innovative VR production services.

This is where the bar is currently set…

HTC Vive Promo

Mixed Reality Video *Created By an Unknown Studio

This video though not as polished as the tilt brush video to the right is still a superb promo and makes great use of the mixed reality filming techniques.

Tilt Brush Promo


Mixed Reality of a very high standard by one of the worlds best VFX houses. Mixing depth of field, Particles, CGI, filming and real world lighting.

Our own mixed reality filming R&D.

Mixed Reality Filming Day 1

VR Filming – Day 1

Mixed Reality – Static Camera Rig

Our 1st day and quite a success. With a static camera aligned with its VR counterpart, some quick coding and a crude green screen and we were off.

Mixed Reality Filming Day 2

VR Filming – Day 2

Mixed Reality – Game Engine Test

The seconds days mixed reality R&D lead to us setting up our own Game Engine scene with Unity3D.

Mixed Reality Filming Day 3

VR filming – Day 3

Mixed Reality – Moving Camera + Arms

The third day was a real milestone. With a basic interactive Unity scene, quirky IK arm rig and a fully tracked moving camera rig a lot of the immediate production hurdles had been tackled.

Our VR Animation & Mixed Reality Services

We now have the perfect professional HD mixed reality filming rig.

Mixed Reality Camera

Perfectly synced VR & real world camera. With 2 lens options.

Full HD Mixed Reality Production

We’re able to produce full HD mixed reality videos.

VR Animation & Design

We’re developing innovative animated VR experiences

Interactive VR Productions

We’re able to create interactive animated VR experiences.

Building a mixed reality studio space

This past week we’ve taken over a corner of our UK studio. Fine-tuned various VR and real world camera settings & done a little programming. We’ve created our own game engine environments and now have a perfectly tracked mixed reality camera (with two virtual/real lens options).

  • Green Screen Cave

    We’re building up a permanent green screen cove, to continue research into mixed reality filming and also to produce our first professional grade narrative based video.

  • Virtual Environment (VR)

    We’re able to quickly bring our professionally produced 3D animation into a VR environment for a user to experience (and interact with).

Green screen mixed reality filming

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