Our New Pro Universal Adventure Game Template


We’ve been busy at Stormy Studio towers producing a new universal game template for other developers to build on. It’s for use with the excellent game design software GameSalad (which is available for free, with a paid PRO version for added features).

So if you’ve ever wanted to create your own adventure game, escape game or point and click mystery this is the perfect template for you. It gives you all the rules/logic needed to have your own working menu system, collectables, un-lockables, doorways and cool text boxes. (custom and default). It’s all setup so it will create a universal app for the iPad and various iPhone screen sizes iPhone 5 and earlier. It can also very easily be added to to adapt to fit other screen sizes to accommodate Window and Android devices.

Please check out the new point and click inventory menu here:


GameSalad Adventure Game Template

Point and Click Inventory Template

Escape Game, collectables, GameSalad

A locked door in the point and click adventure game template.



It’s packed full of fully labelled rules and makes great use of tables allowing you to quickly build up your own game.

What’s in it?

• Universal game,  the inventory, buttons and text boxes reposition themselves for smaller screen devices.

• Really quick setup for adding more scenes, collectables and text boxes.

• Beautiful (example) artwork for inspiration.

• Clearly labelled rules throughout.

• Perfect tables setup to control the inventory, collectables, state of the game, text messages.

• Great pop up custom text boxes, (optional default text boxes.

• Rules for unlockable

• Collect inventories of different sizes.


GameSalad, template, inventory, menu

The main scene in the game, showing one of the cool custom text boxes

It really is the most detailed template we’ve made to date, packed full of useful rules, making it a great tool to build on to create your own point and click adventure game or escape game. It could also be reworked to be used for a find the hidden item game.


I hope you like it.


Here’s a walkthrough video of the template in action.


I’ll record a new tutorial video in a day or 2 to accompany the template, showing how easy it is to make use of the template to add another scene to the game or start a game from scratch using it.

Here’s a link to our full list of game templates both free and paid. Click here.



Please check out the new point and click inventory menu here: