Power the Blackmagic Pocket BMPCC with the SmallHD Focus

Right to cut a short stroy, even shorter (it’s time to go home and I still have’nt written this blog post).

We’ve bought a very new and shiny SmallHD Focus field monitor to use with our Blackmagic Pocket Cinema camera (and possibly other cameras).

The monitor image is of course superb. The touch screen works responsively. The setup and ease of use is quite an incredilbe example of excellent UI design. The swivel arm it includes is a joy to use compared to cheaper ball socket type mounts.

The one thing to take us from loving the SmallHD focus 100% to 110% would be the ability to power our Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC).

The Focus monitor has a power out port, though at present there is no approved/compatibel way to then power the pocket camera. Instead SmallHD sell a variety of dummy batterys so it can be used ot power Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras of certian battery types.

Unfortunately none of these match the Blackmagic Pockets battery type.

So I’m slowly seeing what is and is not possible in terms of leads and adaptors.

My current thoughts are that a 3.5×1.1mm male to 5.5×2.1mm Female lead would work. Then I can use my current cable I normally use with my external NPF battery adaptor. (My current way of extending the BMPCC’s battery life)


3.5×1.1mm male to 2.5×0.7mm Male (with about 12 cm of cable between the two. To go directly from the SmallHD Focus to the BMPCC.

Anyway, it’s time to head home.. and then to the pub.. because.. it’s err.. Wednesday.

Below are a few pics of our unboxing of the Small HD Focus and then we have it mounted beautifuly atop our Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC).

If we succeed in powering the camera via the monitor we’ll update this thread.

*Please don’t try the above method witout first checking it will not void your warranty. Plus we can not be held responsible for any damage caused to your camera, monitor, or for the slow extinction of the rare Red Squirrel in eastern Europe.

Small HD Bmpcc blackmagic pocket
Nice box… very err… Apple-yMr Stormy
Small HD Bmpcc blackmagic pocket
Lots of boxes… and ones got a magnetic latch… very nice indeed.Mr Stormy
Small HD Bmpcc blackmagic pocket
Cables, swivel arm, cold shoe mount, quick start card and the glorious monitor. Mr Stormy
Small HD Bmpcc blackmagic pocket
SmallHD Focus with BMPCC. Before the Firmware upgrade which came out a few days before we received our monitor. The LUTS and focus peaking are a joy to behold.Mr Stormy
Small HD Bmpcc blackmagic pocket