Produce a 15 second advert for youtube

We created this short promo example video for a potential client.

(*Wev'e removed the clients branding for this upload)

It was both as an exercise to show a possible creative direction plus as a reason to test out our latest film kit.

Unfortunately it was a bright and grey day so the clouds in a lot of scenes were a little blown out, with a little more time we could grade each scenes sky separately or replace them entirely.

We have been asked to produce a 15 second advert for YouTube for a potential client who is looking to produce a number of commercials. (*The clients branding has been removed.)

As part of the early development process we’ve created it this 15 second example to showcase a possible creative style whilst also testing out our latest film kit, filming and colour grading process.

It was a little tricky on the day as the weather was bright but with 100% cloud cover, which made it harder to expose perfectly for both the subject and the background. We did add a Polarising filter and if we were to allow for more time in post production we could either give the clouds in each shots a separate colour grade to the rest of the scene (As we have done with the very first shot) or do a complete sky replacement with some more interesting fluffy clouds on a bright blue sky.

The animated phone screen graphics were done very quickly as we know we can deliver high end animation and it was much more to do with the filming.

Kit used:

Camera – Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera
Lens – Panasonic 12 – 35mm F2.8
Film codec – ProRes HQ
Grading – Lumetri with Adobe Premiere CC 2015