Quick start guide for the multiplayer tables in GameSalad

Here’s a quick breakdown of the new multiplayer tables, attributes, functions and behaviours in the GameSalad SDK. It’s all very new, confusing and exciting. I’ve read through the full early adopter documentation and put the below together a quick reference guide to help get my head around what does what. Exciting times…


Network Game Instances Table Who, what and where the game is at.

– (read-only table – updated by ‘NetworkGetGames behaviour’)

Keep tabs on games instance id, game type, the creator, the players, is it active, how much has been played, when was the last move, whose turn, who won


Network Achievements Table Players level of extra achievements

– (read only – updated when player connects to Playstogether)

Keep track of achievments you’ve setup on Playstogethers website. You can set the names, ids and how much a player has to do to unlock an achievement.


Network Player Data Table Players own private stats.

(custom – loaded by NetworkConnect, saved by NetworkPersistPlayer)

Track a players stats that are additional to the standard ones monitored by Playstogether. Only the relevant player has access to this table. However It can be shared by copying the data over to a players own NetworkPlayerGameData Table.


Network Player Game Data (1..8)  Table – Players data to be shared with all.

– (custom – saved/sent when NetworkEndTurn is run)

A player game can only update that players table. The data can be accessed by other players devices by using rules and the multiplayer ‘Game Data’ attributes.You cannot currently update another players NetworkPlayerGameData table.


Network Game Data TableGeneral gameplay data to share with all

(custom – saved/sent when NetworkEndTurn is run)

A custom table that is mirrored on all players devices. So main gameplay can be shared here, i.e. door unlocked, word tiles placed at x and y positions. and the data will be accessible to interpret for the next players go.


New Attributes:

There’s loads of new one accessing some of the same info in some of the above tables (i.e. winner of game), receiving/confirming message strings, receive errors codes (for you to then interpret and tell the player.. i.e. password incorrect, no network etc).

New Functions:

There are 4 new functions, these are used to allow you to find a players id, table or number based on having one of either an id, table or number.

New Behaviors:

Create, Get, Join, End, Quit and Delete games. Connect & Disconnect from the network, Send messages, Update achievements, change passwords, Get Server Time, Send a table to a URL, Get a Table from a URL


That’s it so far. Need to keep reading the full text in more detail now… Then start trying it all out.