New renewable energy animation project

Renewable Energy Animation

Check out this solar energy animation project completed by Stormy Studio in 2020.

Solar Energy Animation
Check out another project on solar animation here.

Renewable Energy Animation Project:

We’re currently producing 3 rather cool renewable energy animations for a UK Energy Company.

Each video will highlight the future options for managing power on the grid, with particular information relating to renewable energy sources.

We’re still currently knocking around some creative approaches but the full 3D Low Poly scene is the current front runner and for good reason.

They’re both a cool, clean and professional way to deliver visuals.

The below close up image is from the renewable energy animation and shows how electric heating will be used more in the future at homes.

Low Poly 3D Animation

The below still was a slightly earlier take on the low poly colour palette. I particularly liked the coloured trees in this image though we soon decided whilst ‘lovely’ they distract from some of the key visuals in the scene, ie.. panels, wind farm, business and housing. Also the shadows are a little dark on this early render.

I look forward to sharing the 3 completed renewable energy animations once completed.

If you’d like to commission a renewable energy animation for your business or client please get in contact.