Speed, Cost and Quality Diagram

video production speed, cost and quality

This post is all about the classic speed, cost and quality diagram. They’re used by all manner of industries to explain the balance of the 3 variables and how they affect the overall animation production.

Animation Production Speed, Cost and Quality Diagram

We thought it was high time we put together our own speed, cost and quality diagram from an animation production perspective.

speed, cost and quality diagram


Take aways from speed, cost and quality:

The main take away from this diagram is quite simply you can’t have you cake and eat it. So any production commissioned will need to be balanced by the 3 variables.

These are:

• Time, how long we’ve got to produce a video before a particular deadline.

• Budget , how much your business can stretch to to create the best video possible.

• Quality, how beautiful, engaging and effective you need the video to be.

I hope you like our version of the cost, speed and quality diagram. If you’re ever looking to produce a high quality animated video for your business please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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