The Future of Immersive Technologies in Storytelling


At Stormy Studio we’ve always taken a very keen interest in VR and the advancements new forms of virtual media provide.

In recent years our studio has developed a number of in-house R&D animation projects for virtual reality headsets. It’s an area of media output we feel will continue to mature and provide amazing oppportunities and experiences.

The way we tell stories is constantly evolving.

From sitting around campfires to theatre productions, audiences have been captivated for thousands of years.

Today, technology is allowing us to tell the most exciting stories. What roles do AR, VR and MR have to play in this?

A Closer Look at Immersive Tech

There are three leading figures in immersive technology. AR, VR and MR are the most well-known – and the most popular.

But, what do they actually do?

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality supplements the real-world with digital input, which can be auditory or visual.

Essentially, it’s an overlay of computer-generated elements with the physical environment. They do not respond to each other – but can co-exist.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is perhaps the most well-known form of immersive tech. It’s a computer-generated environment where the user interacts within it.

This technology appears to continuously evolve, which presents many exciting opportunities for creative companies.

Mixed Reality

Mixed reality allows digital and physical to not only exist together – but interact.

It’s also known as hybrid reality. This technology allows businesses to place content within a real-world environment.

Using Technology to Tell a Story

The UK is home to some of the best storytellers. In the future, they will use AR, VR and MR to captivate their audiences and tell the most enthralling stories.

Storytelling can happen anywhere – from the classroom to the home. The audiences of tomorrow will have entirely new experiences of the world around us.

Harnessing technologies will allow creative businesses and companies to turn the best ideas into the best stories. Fundamentally, they have the power to not only change products and services – but transform how we see our environment.

What is the Audience of the Future Challenge?

Creative businesses often need support to bring their striking new ideas to fruition. This is where the Audience of the Future Challenge comes in. It will bring creative companies, researchers and technology experts together.

This will help grow the UK’s market position in creative content – at the forefront of the storytelling revolution.

Where Has the Funding Come From?

As part of the government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, £33 million has been pledged to help create striking new experiences that captivate the public.

This promises to:

• Provide support
• Connect experts and researchers
• Develop technology
• Exploit new services
• Produce training centres

All these factors combined should help creatives develop ground-breaking immersive experiences.

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