The Rise Of Corporate Video Production

Rise of corporate video production

The Rise of Corporate Video Production: Engaging Audiences in the Digital Age

Companies big and small are quickly adopting video-content strategies as video marketing becomes more crucial. Even if your company doesn’t have its production staff, you may still get started making videos using straightforward equipment and techniques.  

Corporate Video Production: What Is It?

Production of corporate films for internal operations (such as onboarding and training videos) or external promotion (such as case studies, advertisements, and product demonstrations).  The phrase “corporate video production” describes any video a company produces. A video production company or an in-house videographer often makes these films. 

Current Trends In Corporate Video Production 

  • Quick Hit Videos

Focused and short videos are excellent tools for getting your company’s message out fast and efficiently. After all, people’s attention spans are limited these days.

Videos like this have found a large audience on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and even LinkedIn. You can understand how crucial it is to convey your point quickly, given that these type of videos typically run anywhere from 15 to 90 seconds.

That’s hardly news to any Salesforce. In their continuing “Customer Success” video series, company owners and entrepreneurs talk about their experiences and how they overcame obstacles to achieve success.

Each movie provides an informative and engaging perspective on the exciting world of entrepreneurship. The show exemplifies the power of the short-form video format for conveying intriguing narratives and establishing an emotional connection with viewers.

  • Narrative

No one can resist a good success story. Businesses will stand out from the crowd and form stronger bonds with customers by using narrative in their promotional films.

Consider the hospitality group Four Seasons. They present stories about the exciting things that can happen to visitors at their hotels. A family vacation at the hotel, and viewers of “A Walk Through History with Alexander Hamilton” may tag along. 

  • Motive Graphics And Animations

When communicating complicated concepts or facts visually attractively, animation and motion graphics are handy tools for corporate video creation.

Another growing phenomenon is businesses’ use of corporate movies to promote their openness and honesty. Making films that give viewers an inside peek into the company’s principles and culture is an excellent strategy for gaining the audience’s trust and respect.

  • Live-Streaming

Even though we like videos, our participation spikes significantly during live broadcasts. Live material on Facebook, for instance, attracts three times as many comments and six times as many likes than pre recorded content.

Additionally, in 2022, 71 million hours of material will be seen daily on Twitch’s live-streaming site.  Live streaming allows businesses to interact with their audience in real-time, responding to inquiries and sharing insights.

Types of Corporate Video Production You Must Know

Companies may employ a wide variety of corporate videos to spread their messaging.

Before beginning pre-production on a corporate video production marketing plan, getting familiar with the various corporate video styles and forms of video content is essential.

The corporate video’s goal is to reach many potential customers without spending a fortune. You may use this service to make animated videos for your business. 

  • Corporation’s Video for Shareholders and Potential Investors

This kind of business film is most effective when showcasing past successes and updating viewers on current operations. 

This corporate film aims to provide viewers with accurate and timely information about the business. This kind of corporate film is fascinating because it allows investors to learn about a company’s intricate workings without going through a tedious and lengthy 150-page report.

However, these films must remain strictly confidential due to their intended audience—the company’s employees and shareholders. Making a business film for investor relations may not be a lot of fun for more artistic types. This corporate video style primarily emphasizes factual and informative video material, such as statistics and facts about the organization. You could even use animated videos if you want to make the content more engaging.

  • Location Promotional Video

A corporate film shot on location may do wonders for a company’s reputation. The corporate film may be shot on-site and include the company’s colors, logo, typography, and interviews with staff. The location-based corporate film humanizes the company in the eyes of prospective consumers and workers.

However, only a few businesses can afford this form of corporate movie since the cost of production is high, and the video is seen more as a luxury than a need.

  • Commercial Highlight Reel

A showreel corporate video production is a short but powerful film that showcases a company’s or an individual’s past work. A corporate showreel video should be at most three minutes. A company’s highlight reel is a business video that highlights the company’s strengths and accomplishments. Marketing and brand management are the primary uses for a corporate showreel video.

Digital portfolios are an integral part of the video production process. These are then used in a corporate showreel video to impress prospective customers. This form of corporate film requires careful consideration of the target audience in order to provide material that will quickly grab their attention. You may put your whole creative arsenal to work in a business showreel video. The corporate video may be animated, with colorful visuals and accompanying music. 

The Benefits of Creating a Company Video

  • Creative Promotion

There’s no need for dramatic music or an expensive Hollywood budget. In reality, the most successful corporate movies for websites center less on sales or hype and more on product applications and industry developments. Using videos may help reinforce the idea that your business’s individuals have similar ideals to their customers.

  • Videos Do Well In Search Results

To rank well in search engines, your video approach has to be well-documented and streamlined with a description and tags and provide answers to what web surfers are looking for. Building a dedicated online audience is possible for even the smallest businesses if they can carve a particular niche on YouTube. 

As a social media platform, YouTube facilitates communication with fans. Using transcriptions is an excellent method to help videos do better in search results. Video and written material posted online may bolster your reputation as a go-to authority in your field.

  • Innocuous to the Eye

Although reading has its place, watching a movie is a far more relaxing experience and allows the viewer to retain more info from visuals and audio. Videos are popular because they may be enjoyed with less mental exertion, in contrast to the more taxing activity of reading. One advantage videos have over traditional classroom instruction is that they allow students to study at their speed, often resulting in deeper comprehension and more rapid progress.

  • Social Media Share

A great benefit of investing in corporate video creation is the opportunity to spread your message to a broader audience. As a commercial tool, social media is rapidly growing in importance. People may talk about your company online if video marketing is interesting enough. By encouraging viewers to share your films on social media, you can effectively have them advertise for you for free. Since many modern buyers rely on the advice of their peers, internet reviews have grown in importance.


Several fascinating developments in corporate video production over the last several years are influencing how companies approach the marketing industry’s most in-demand content in 2023.

These movements have enabled companies like yours to stand out, connect with their customers, and earn their customers’ confidence and respect. As your company’s video communication grows, so does the need to keep up with industry developments.

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