Tidy desk to reignite your creative juices

Tidy desk Animators desk

Sometimes in our animation studio I’ll find that I’ve lost my creative mojo, I just can not find the right mindset or enthusiasm to carry on with a project. I’ll often decide that a tidy desk could be the answer to reignite my creative spark.

Whilst sometimes I’ll just keep pushing on and await the inevitable route that my day is heading. This being either:
‘A’ I’ll carry on till the end of the day having not achieved anything truly awesome. Though hope that by the next morning the enthusiasm for project will be back in full swing.


‘B’ the mojo will eventually get kickstarted and start to flow. The return of the passion which is essential to delivering excellent creative ideas and producing high quality animation. As if you’re tired or ‘not in the mood’ you’ll often take the simplest route with animation, which is nothing to aim for no matter a projects budget or timeline.

Though sometimes .. just once in a blue moon.. I’ll say ‘screw it’ and try and tackle another job now matter how pointless just to see if I can restart my creative juices.

Today was an ‘ahh screw it afternoon.

I decided to make a rather splendid top down photo of my desk for sharing on school media. Including our Instagram feed.

The process forced me to both tidy up my desk. Find some better pots for my growing section of pens and then distract myself with a quick fun bit of photoshop.

The result turned out rather nicely too so I thought it worthy of a blog post, to showcase my tidy desk.

Tidy desk Animators desk

Now, did the process work.. Have a thrown my self all guns a blazin’ into this afternoons work… No not quite yet.

So whilst my desk it now tidy, my minds still trying to find excuses to do other things.

Next plan… a cup of tea…. put on some music (Weezer is my normal ‘I need to work’ music)… I’ll then force myself to start illustrating a new set of animated environment backdrops for our latest client project due to be finished by the 31st of December this year.