Top 10 Health and Safety Training Companies

10 Best Health and Safety Training Companies

10 Top Health and Safety Training Providers For Your Business!

Do a quick Google search for “health and safety training,” and you will discover more results than you can shake your spikey Health and Safety stick at.

As health and safety best practices evolve alongside an increasing push for certification across industries, it is not surprising to have so many providers of HSE training arrive to fill the growing demand. The problem is that not all are created equal. You will need to weigh up their experience in delivering health and safety training effectively. 

Do you need specialist HSE training focused on your business sector?

Do they have the know-how and ability to provide the quality and scale of training your company expects?

You will, of course, need to find those that can engage with your employees and suit your companies unique requirements. Search out those health and safety training providers and programs that captivate their audience, getting them to stop and pay attention, learn and of course increase your companies performance in all areas of HSE.

There are so many companies to choose from, with a wide variety of budgets and specialities. For example, some excellent providers focus on providing particular types of training; some only offer e-learning courses while others have local consultants, or a high profile global presence. Others target training for specific industries but may still be well suited to your business.

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve put together a list with some of the best health and safety training providers in the UK. Plus information on how to find the right one for you

If you have any recommendations or would like to share your own health and safety training tips, please let us know. We're an animation studio who have delivered a wide variety of quality health and safety animation for businesses around the world.

10 Top health and safety training companies

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve put together a list with some of the best health and safety training providers in the UK

Choosing the RIGHT HSE Training Company

There are many reasons why so many businesses have started to invest in health and safety training.

It may be a requirement to be able to secure substantial tender opportunities or to increase production efficiency with fewer accidents occurring on the job. You may be looking to achieve the highest industry safety record and win further awards. Plus you want to ensure a safe working area, tools and practices are maintained to keep your workforce safe.

As a result, there are a lot of HSE training companies of varying size and capability competing for your attention!
What this adds up to, is that you need professional, efficient, inspirational and practical training to enable your company to achieve excellent health and safety results!

What is the correct approach to find companies like that? You can start by checking through the below five key factors to consider when weighing up your options:

  • Expertise & Quality: Visit the company’s website and assess their previous work and case studies to make sure their quality is up to your expectations.

  • Communication: Speak with the company and pay close attention to their availability, overall attitude, and quality of their response. Excellent communication is vital to a successful training partnership.

  • Adaptability: Make sure the company can work to your needed training task. Can they visit your premises or do they provide video or online courses? Are they happy providing bespoke training tailored to your company?

  • Feedback: Where possible check for online reviews and customer’s feedback. An honest discussion can be an effective way to check the companies previous levels of success.

  • Price: While you certainly cannot expect the best health and safety training for the lowest budget. Equally, merely paying the highest amount doesn’t guarantee success either. Look for companies whose price and quality ratio fits with your needs and don’t be afraid to discuss this with them on the phone or via email.

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Top 10 HSE Training providers for your business

• Health and Safety Executive

• Britsafe

• The Health and Safety Group

• Rospa


• Citation

• Bureau Veristas

• Highspeed Training

• Make UK

• Stormy Studio - Animation Studio

1. Health and Safety Executive - Training & Events

The HSE Executive is the only UK government agency in our list. They’re unique in this respect and are responsible for encouraging regulation and enforcement of the correct health, safety and welfare approaches in the workplace.

However, they also have HSE training and events. Plus have recently received NEBOSH gold award status for Learner Partner Programme.

They have different training programmes run throughout the year. So it’s worth checking to to see if an upcoming training programme can align with your company goals. Or you can reach out to them directly to discuss in house training possibilities.

The Health and Safety Executive site itself, is also a key portal to find out free information about employers responsibilities, the law and other useful information and services.

Government Agency in Health and Safety Training

HSE Training & Events

The Health and Safety Executive site itself, is also a key portal to find out free information on HSE

2. Britsafe - The British Safety Council

Britsafe is a leading provider of online health and safety training. They’ve been providing HSE management for over 60 years. ‘The British Safety Council believes that no one should be injured or made ill through their work.’

In regards to health and safety training Britsafe will help you develop knowledge and expertise, in whatever ways best suit your organisation and employees. They offer flexible, comprehensive educational support that covers all aspects of health, safety and environmental management.

Whislt they offer a wide variety of training their website depicts a clear focus on the construction sector.

UK Leading Health and Safety Training Provider


Flexible, comprehensive educational support that covers all aspects of health, safety and environmental management.

3. The Health and Safety Group - Healthcare safety specialists

One of the UK’s foremost providers of healthcare safety training. The Health and Safety Group has build up a reputation for providing high quality health and safety e-learning and classroom training for the heathcare sector. They’re also a supplier to NHS Professionals.

As well as online and in person training they also have online shops that sell extra safety training materials. i.e. DVD’s, Booklets and posters.

Health and Safety Training - Healthcare Specialists


Flexible, comprehensive educational support that covers all aspects of health, safety and environmental management.

4. ROSPA - Occupational safety specialists

Well known for their safety awards, Rospa (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents ) is the UK’s provider of the broadest range of occupational safety courses. They also campaign for wider safety concerns on public road safety i.e. drink driving and mobile phone use whilst driving.

They are, in fact, a British Charity whose aim has been to save lives and prevent life-changing injuries through the reduction and avoidance of accidents. Alongside successful campaigns on road safety, they focus on occupational health and safety. Their professional and well-regarded courses will sit well on any CV, and the raft of options ensure they have the training course suitable for your business or individual needs.

Rospa Road and Health and Safety Training


A British charity, and the UK’s provider of the broadest range of occupational safety courses

5. iHASCO - Health and safety e-learning specialists

With their easy-to-use video-based eLearning platform and library of accredited courses, iHASCO have made every effort to make your workplace Health & Safety training as easy as possible to integrate with your business. Their online portal helps ensure you remain compliant with the latest workplace regulations. 

Plus as their training is web-based, they are designed to be worked through on any device, i.e. laptop/ mobile/tablet. Finally, courses average 30 minutes to complete, enabling efficient integration of HSE training with your workforces day to day tasks.

iHasco elearning Health and Safety Training


Ease of use and length of courses is a feature of iHASCO. With online health and safety training courses averaging 30 mins to complete.

6. Citation - Helping SME's with health and safety training

With a focus on small and medium-sized businesses, Citation delivers high-quality HR and Health & Safety support and expertise. With over 20 years and 35k clients, you’ll be in safe hands with a highly qualified team and very positive customer feedback.

One of the key components of their business is the personalised service. With consultants working across the UK. Ensuring they’re aware of any local legislation needed and allowing you some face to face communication. You’ll also benefit from the scale and reassurance provided by a nationwide team.

Lastly, they've also been named as one of the top 100 best companies to work for by The Sunday Times. Which should help ensure a happy workforce which in turn could benefit the quality of training and support you receive.

Citation Website - HSE training service providers


With consultants working across the UK, Citation are able to offer a personalised Health and Safety Training service.

7. Bureau Veritas - A Global leader in testing, inspection & certification services

As a global leader Bureau Veritas have an imposing website akin to a large organisation. They deliver a range of services across multiple industries and seem to lean toward larger organisations than most. 

However, if you dig through some of the pages, you’ll discover a superb variety of health and safety courses are available. With courses touching amongst other things Asbestos, Electrical, Fire, Air and Water (Legionella) safety as well as general health and safety. All are deliverable in a face to face setup. Plus six can be provided via a virtual classroom arrangement.

Bureau Veritas Website - Global HSE training providers

Bureau Veritas

A global provider of health and safety training, amongst other services for a broad range of industries.

8. Highspeed Training - E-learning Health & Safety Online Training

Another company, who are providing a professional service for those seeking a quick and easy online training option is Highspeed TrainingOffering online training options with transparent pricing from the outset. Plus they also have options for group discounts. There's a long list of e-learning courses on their site, from food hygiene focused choices to health and safety training. They're well-positioned to serve everyone from individual learners right through to large organisations.

While most 2 to 3-hour HSE courses cost between £25 and £30. Their Level 3 Health and Safety Course (which takes 8-10 hours) are competitively priced at £150. With the majority providing certification on completion.

HSE Services provided by Highspeed Training may not be as involved, bespoke or hands-on as some of the above onsite training options. However, they have worked with some very reputable construction companies including Kier, design company Smeg and Premier league football club West Ham Utd.

Bureau Veritas Website - Global HSE training providers

Highspeed Training

Competitively priced e-learning health and safety training courses. With easy online usage and wide variety of courses.

9. Make UK - Health & Safety Training, with a focus on Manufacturing

With a 100% focus on the manufacturing sector, it’s little surprise that Make UK have such a well-formed raft of health and safety training courses available. Despite there leaning toward manufacturing the courses are diverse an applicable to other industries as well.

Make UK aim to stimulate success for manufacturing businesses. Through advisory boards, meetings and online communities, they aim to share, connect, solve problems and create opportunities. Their professional site is easy to work through and check the dates and locations for upcoming high quality training options.

So if you’re working in the manufacturing industry (or even other sectors), it’s certainly worth looking through their UK courses. There are also discounts available for members of Make UK.

Make UK - Manufacturing HSE Training & Courses

Make UK

A superb collection of high quality in person health and safety training courses. Tailored for the manfacturing industry but useful across multiple sectors. Plus some e-learning courses too.

10. Stormy Studio - Experts in Health and Safety Training Animation & Video

Well, you did'nt expect us to write a whole article on top health and safety training providers without mentioning our own related animation services. So whilst we don't provide training itself, we can compliment your own HSE messages and learning materials. So whether you're a business with an internal HSE department or your a HSE Training company, I think our animation services could be of use.

Stormy Studio, are professional animation (and film) production company with a great deal of experience working with HSE companies and departments to create engaging animated health and safety content. We’ve worked directly with large utility companies in the UK, sizeable overseas engineering firms, SME’s and also with Health and Safety Training companies.

Whether they’re one-off videos to be shared internally, part of a health and safety e-learning platform. Or to be shared online to engage and educate the public on safety we’re on hand to help. 

You can see full examples of our recent health and safety animation work or a quick montage of our work on the below video.

Please get in touch and have an early discussion about your health and safety training requirements.

Stormy Studio

UK Animation Studio with experience making health and safety training messages engaging. Through the use of motion graphics and character animation.

In Conclusion

Choosing the right health and safety training provider can be hard! Though it becomes a little bit easier if you know what you’re looking for.

The companies in the above list have one key thing in common. They are all quality businesses focused on delivering a specific training option. With either skilled local and national teams or clear and easy to use e-learning content.

Whether you go for one of the above or continue your search, you now have a better grounding in what some of the leading HSE training companies offer and how they differ.

I do hope you found this useful.

Good luck!