New • Free • Vertical & Horizontal Parallax Template For The GameSalad SDK

Afternoon world….

I’m pleased to announce another 100% Free template from


A couple of days ago a fellow GameSalad user emailed us asking for some help with vertical parallax to go along with the more common horizontal parallax.

So I created this little ‘Vertical & Horizontal Parallax Template’ .

It’s all labelled up, and hopefully gives others something to learn from, adjust and implement into their own games, storybooks, apps or what ever.

As well as the rules for the parallax offsets for foreground and background layers, it also includes rules which stop the constraining behaviours happening when outside a given area around the camera. This should reduce the load on the CPU as well as stop actors from moving so far out of the scene that they are automatically destroyed when they go 500px outside the scene area.

Head here to download the template for free:

And here’s a little video preview to see what I’m talking about:

I hope its of use for developers around the globe.


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