Classic film characters brought together in one coherent video edit

This video is well worth 9 minutes of your time. So go grab a cuppa tea, step away from work and enjoy.


The level of skill and time involved in creating this superb video edit is astounding. It has a coherent narrative pieced together from a wide pool of classic film characters and night club scenes.

Every cool character who has ever hung out in a night club seems to get a scene or two… Everyone one from Tony Montana, a few Tom Cruises, Star Wars characters, Arnie and many more.

It’s not just a straight video edit either there’s some camera tracking going on, (i.e. Darthvader having a duel ), tonnes of added colour correction to make the night club lighting consistent throughout, masked layers where characters appear in the foreground over other film footage…Plus picture in picture moments where we see a video wall behind Tony Montana featuring other key characters. Plus the music edit, timing, flashes of white of gun shots and much more..

A true tour de force in how to create an edit chock full of post production skill.