A walk to the woods – Short video

A little video edit made up of shots from a walk to a local woods and river in South Devon, England.

Purely done for fun (and as a reason to continue trying out our new Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera on a day off.)

The lens used was a Panasonic Lumix 12mm - 35mm Micro Four Thirds Lens.

All the grading was done using Lumetri with Adobe Premiere CC 2015.


This week I found myself with a day off work, I had my two kids eager to explore the Great outdoors and the Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera waiting to be let out.

It was the perfect excuse to continue ‘testing’ our new Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera and head out to make another short video to put the camera, lenses and our grading skills to the test.

The result is a fun little video edit with a subtle narrative about two siblings going on an adventure of their very own.

Some of the shots turned out really well, and the power PRORES HQ film format provided when grading the footage was quite amazing. Deciding to make shots warm or cool, raising the the blacks and shadows, dropping the whites and highlights, tweaking different film stock effects to arrive at an aesthetic that suited both the music and the footage.

All in all a great day was had… though I must admit carrying two children, a camera, tripod, camera bag and a picnic across a field with cows and many cowpats was a bit of a struggle.

The video not only allowed me to try out the camera but record some great memories for us and the kids to enjoy years down the line.