A walk to the woods – Short video

A little video edit made up of shots from a walk to a local woods and river in South Devon, England.

Purely done for fun (and as a reason to continue trying out our new Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera on a day off.)

The lens used was a Panasonic Lumix 12mm - 35mm Micro Four Thirds Lens.

All the grading was done using Lumetri with Adobe Premiere CC 2015.


Black Magic Pocket Test Shots.. again

The arrival of a new (and final lens fora while) the Panasonic 12 - 35mm F2.8 gave us reason to head out again to try out our new Black Magic Pocket Cinema camera which we've now had for a week.

The first shots in this video at the beach were taken using a Panasonic 20mm Prime and a cheap £20 CCTV lens fitted to the camera with a C mount adaptor.

The fields of corn (+ cheese and beans on toast sequence) were shot using the Panasonic 12 - 35mm lens.

It was all shot with the ProRes HQ codec and the Film setting in the camera.

The grading was all done using Lumetri in Premiere Pro CC 2015.