Animated Video Production Devon, Our New Studio

Animated Video Production Devon

We’re all very excited to be able to announce that our animated video production Devon company, Stormy Studio will soon be moving to new office space in the fantastic, coastal Mount Batten area of Plymouth in Devon, South West England.

After a great first 8 months our young animation and video production Devon business, we’ve produced a wide variety of 2D and 3D animation and filmed work for some fantastic regional, national and international clients. We’re now confident we can expand the business and we’ll be moving into a unique listed building alongside an array of other exciting Devon design companies.

The building is a particularly cool listed building originally used to build and launch Sea Planes in Mount Batten as far back as 1913.

The two hangers on site are now used to build and maintain a variety of marine boats. Plus part of the buildings have been converted and are used for business office and studio space.



Mount Batten, Western Hangar, Mount Batten, Plymouth, Devon


The location is absolutely perfect to ensure we’re able to keep up staff morale, enjoy the  incredible coastal location that Plymouth, Mount Batten benefits from.

There’s a small beautiful beach with rock pools just over the road from the studio. A multi award winning fine dining restaurant a few minutes walk away, a local cafe inside our own building, Mount Batten Hotel is just 2minutes walk away wheres there’s a regular water taxi over to the lively and stunning Barbican area of Plymouth, the perfect place to take clients for ‘creative lunches’. It also means we’ll have a unique water route to the heart of Plymouth City Centre.


View from outside the awesome Hangar, looking out towards Cornwall.

The area we’ve taken to be able to produce animated video production Devon is on the 1st floor and a great area to be able to maximise our facilities and grow our team further over the coming years.


There’s a great open plan lobby space, connecting the various companies.



One of the office spaces, similar to the one we’ve taken.



Needless to say, we’re very excited and can’t wait to move into the new premises and make use of the added space and extra fast fibre optic broadband speeds available.

Jon Draper

We plan to have sections of the office setup for each professional service to enhance our animated video production Devon services. Such as an always ready voiceover booth, hand drawn time-lapse animation rig setup,  small green screen wall for filming, plus a suite of Mac computers to continue delivering professional business animation whilst maintain our competitive pricing.

We of course need to think of ways to ensure its also a great creative place to work. So a screen showing the latest vimeo animated hits, bean bags and quirky benches for brain storming ideas and discussing projects to allow us to step away from comouter screens now and then should all help make for a cool and popular place to work.

We’ll no doubt post more blog updates as we prepare the Devon animation video production studio space.

In the mean time why not check out our portfolio or get in contact to find out more about the services we’re able to provide and why we’ve chosen Plymouth as the based for our animation video production Devon studio.