Animation Should Be A Key Part Of Any Crowd Funding Video

Crowd funding has become a very popular revenue raising option for many people over the last few years. Sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have become household names for crowd funding and have in some cases made some rather big name projects get the green light. Running an effective crowd funding campaign has become a bit of an art form. It takes a certain degree of skill and marketing knowledge in order to win people over so then they want to give you some of their hard earned money in order for you to get your project moving.

Fortunately, there are things you can do in order to make your campaign more effective. Having animation or corporate animation in your crowd funding video can be a very effective way of encouraging people to donate money to your cause.

Use Animated Titles

Even if you only want to use a little bit of animation or corporate animation, then you should be able to use it effectively so then you are able to generate good results. For example, you may have decided that all you want is a series of talking heads for your crowd funding video. There is nothing wrong with this in principle, but this is a practise that has been adopted by many funding campaigns. If you want to be able to stand out from the crowd, then you will need to try and do something a little different.

Just having some animation for your titles is a good place to start. When title straps or titles are needed, you can hire a good animation company to design them for you. Companies like Stormy Studio are able to make great animated titles so then you can really grab the attention of your audience even when you have talking heads on screen. Just having that little bit of animation on the screen can really have a positive effect, so it is certainly something you should consider when you want your crowd funding video to really get people’s attention.

Make An Explainer Video

If your crowd funding campaign is for a specific product or service that you want to provide people, then having animation and corporate animation can really give your campaign a boost. Filming explanations or demonstrations can be quite difficult, particularly if you can’t because you don’t have all the funding you need yet. If you do however have enough money to hire an animation or corporate animation production company, then you can have your explainer or demonstration section of your video animated. This is a great way of avoiding production costs and finding locations that suit your needs. You can simply have the animation you want ready to go straight into your crowd funding video.

It is also a very good way of making your campaign more appealing. Having impressive animation in your video can show people that you are really committed to the cause and you are a professional. When they have that in mind, they will be more inclined to hand money over to your cause.