What is the cost of an animation studio production

How much does a business animation cost?

So, you've decided a high quality animated video is the perfect thing to help deliver your business message and now you need to discover the expected animation production cost. 

An animated video is, of course, an excellent idea, as animated videos of all styles (hand-drawn, digital 2D, 3D CGI, motion graphics and stop motion) can effectively engage an audience and explain complex ideas with ease and style.

Our team are always looking to strike a balance between quality, speed and cost.




Our unique tool provides a instant ballpark cost for a business animation.

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Complexity is easier to convey with examples and discussion. So read our explanation below and once ready, please get in touch to discuss your project with our award winning animation studio.

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*This is simply a rough estimate, for an accurate and possibly lower figure please do get in touch.

Animation studio cost?

The costs of an animation production are based on three key factors.

These are the estimated video length, animation complexity and project deadline (timeline) with complexity often being the trickiest to pin down early on.

There are also popular additions to a project which raise the overall quality and finish of animated video production, i.e. a professional scriptwriter, voiceover artist, licensed music, multiple languages, subtitles and different video outputs (i.e. 16:9, 4:3 and 1:1) tailored for social media output.

Each animation studio will arrive at their own price, which will reflect both your project requirements and their reputation, running costs, demand and quality of work. 

Quite simply, a successful studio with a proven track record for consistent, high-quality work will cost more than an individual freelancer just starting out, or a company focused on producing quicker, cheaper and lower quality work.

For example the animation studio cost for a professional quality 60 second, 2D animation from a small and talented studio can fall between £4,500 to £7,500 ($5900 to $9900).

The price then increases for a higher degree of complexity, more bespoke design, multiple animated characters, 3D animation or traditional hand-drawn animation could increase this to between £12,000 to £28,000  ($15,900 to $34,000) and potentially more for something truly outstanding.

Flight safety animation

Still from a professional flight safety animation by Stormy Studio

For a business animation production to stand out, you'll ideally have a studio with both talent and experience. With designers and animators that have refined their skills and design eye. Plus effective producers and directors who can guide a project. All of these, of course, have an associated cost.

A business animation project can then be taken further and cross over into web design and software development with elements of interactivity and content delivery.

There are also times where the animation will be mixed with filmed footage to great effect. This leads you into the world of film production, editing and colour correction.

This is something our animation studio has tackled numerous times to great effect.

1. Animation length

The simplest variable  that affects the cost of animation production is the overall length.

The more animation you need, the more time it will take to produce and so higher the aniamtion studio cost.

However, the cost of production for a 30 second video is not simply doubled for a 60 second video. As much of the design and setup work can be used across the video, so there are typically reductions in cost per second the longer a producton is. There are of course times where entirely new assets, scenes and  characters are required for each part of a video. In this instance a bespoke quote is essential to weigh up the expectated production time.

For longer videos or for projects which require a series of animations. There can be significant cost savings achieved by repurposing design elements, idents and characters.

2. Animation complexity

Understanding the expected degree of animation complexity, has always being a tricky thing to convey quickly.

It takes time to understand what parts of an animated video add considerable time to the production, and so increase the overall cost.

For 2D animation it can move from simple typography and icongraphy up to more bespoke design work, characters and complex animation setups.

For 3D animation the complexity can take you from simplistic 3D shapes, purchased stock models, custom 3D modeling and a photorealistic finish.

For handrawn animation, complexity is weighed up by considering the number of hand drawn frames needed, level of drawn detail, amount of animation on screen at any one time. Plus the expected level of illustration and animation polish.

Understanding complexity to help reveal the animation studio cost

Below we attempt to explain our 5 tiers of animation complexity.

If you'd like an accurate quote for your business animation production, please get in touch with our studio

Once we understand your project, we can use our years of animation creation experience to accurately gauge the expected level of complexity. You'l then receive a bespoke and competitive animation studio quote from Stormy Studio.

animation studio cost - basic video complexity 1

Motion graphic video

HSE animation

animation studio cost - advanced motion graphics  - complex level 04

advanced motion graphics  - complex level 05

Complexity Level 01: - Posh standard, animated presentation

Smart, professional and simple motion graphics.

Mixing animated typography, iconography and static graphics or photos.

Arranged and animated with a good eye for compelling graphic design.

A big leap up from a PowerPoint presentation.

Ideal for in house presentations, training videos, e-learning where the project budget may be a little lower but messages still need to be conveyed professionally.

2D animation studio cost  - level 01 - animated presentation solar
animation studio cost - basic video complexity 1

Complexity Level 02: - Motion Graphics / Static characters

Bespoke graphic & motion design complemented by animated typography. Or very minimal or static characters.

More complex motion graphics or VFX setup animation and scene setup.

Ideal for explaining ideas with a little bit of added flair and professionalism

life jacket animation
animated photography

Complexity Level 03: - Advanced Motion Graphics / Characters

Introducing higher quality graphics or simple, stylised animated characters.

Ever more complex animation, visual FX and scene setup.

Ideal for engaging a viewer with eye catching motion graphics and relatable character scenes to depict products or business messages.

Using character rigs for relatively quick character animation production.

An example of techy visuals can be seen on one of our clients site here.

animation studio cost - motion graphics level 02
animation studio cost - basic animated characters

Complexity Level 04: - Complex character rigs / Mixed Media

Ever more complex animation and scene setup.

i.e. introducing 3D elements with 2D animation. Or more intricate detailed 2D or 3D character animation.

Perfect for conveying a product or bringing a message to life through design lead animation.

MyInvite animation with character animation
animation studio cost - advanced motion graphics  - complex level 04

Complexity Level 05: - Higherend 3D and 2D

Top tier to acheive eye catching design and animation perfection.

i.e. A mix of 2D frame-by-frame animated characters, in a 3D scene mixing perfect motion graphics and bespoke designed assets.

Or near photoreal 3D animation and design.

Extra care and time is invested at each stage of production to ensure effectve design.

If budget allows, this tier level will help you stand out from the rest of the market. Conveying your premium brand, product or service with added wow factor. Check out our recent award winning motion graphic work for Bristol Energy.

3D animation studio cost
animated explainer animation

3. Animation deadline

Completing an animation project to a needed deadline is often required. Whether it's for an upcoming product launch, conference event, company pitch or other fixed time period. 

Our studio will let you know early on whether we're able to deliver the required project for your deadline as well as advice on how we could adapt a projects level of detail to ensure timely production.

We're often able to assign more of our team to a project to help speed up delivery. At other times we'll need to bring on tested and trusted freelance designers to meet your timeline. This can at times, increase a productions cost.

Of course there are other porjects where a deadline is more flexible and we can stedily work through a project, with regular (more relaxed) rounds of review. These projects can then be more easily managed with our regular in-house team. As such the costs can be reduced and often a higher quality product delivered as more time is allowed for the early creative process. We have a few more details on the make of cost on our animation pricing page.

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Our uk animation studio team would of course love to discuss any animation projects you're considering having produced. 

We don't do, sales-y ... we're just happy to advise on a project and if suitable provide a competitive quote for professional and creative animation services.

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