Animation studio in The Times

Stormy Studio in the Times

Animation studio in The Times!!

Oh my... our bespoke animation studio is featured in The Times newspaper, in print, online and in their app. We're just a tad excited...

Jon Draper, the founder of our UK animation studio, Stormy Studio, had to learn to adjust to late payment early on in business. 

Now 5 years on, business is growing steadily with new staff joining our South West animation company. Plus the quality of creative work is always being pushed ever higher, allowing our bespoke studio to compete with the worlds leading business animation studios.

As a result, the company was able to make most of an interview request by Times journalist Arthi Nachiappan. Her article was focused on struggles casued by late payments for self employed and small business owners. With the article destined for the business section in The Times in the UK.

Jon, contributed to an article along with others on 'how small businesses cope with late payment'. 

Stormy Studio have always been keen to share and help others conisdering setting up their own studios. We've produced various blog posts and youtube videos on the subject.

Needless to say, we're over the moon with the coverage of our own UK animation studio in The Times, plus hopefully it'll go someway to highlight the problems many businesses face across the country with late payment timeframes.

You can see the article in full  on The Times, here. Published on the 6th of January 2020.

Along with a quote or two from Jon, it also features a rather cool photo, seen in the paper, online and on The Times app.

Plus, if interested please checkout our blog article on how we now manage cashflow here.

Stormy Studio in The Times article on late payment

Stormy Studio contribute to a Times article on managing late payment

How an animation studio manages cashflow

"Jon Draper, 37, founder of Stormy Studio, an animation Studio based in Plymouth, Devon, said that 30 percent of his revenue was tied up in late payments at any given time".

Stormy Studio

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Plus if you're interested in how Stormy Studio go about it's own company marketing please visit our blog in the future.

We may even break down the route we took which result in our animation studio being in The Times.