Amazing Animation Studios UK

Amazing animation studios UK

Amazing Animation Studios UK

Who is producing the best business animation in the UK?

Lets look at the amazing animation studios UK has to offer. The United Kingdom has long been at the forefront of cinema and animation production.

Delivering premium business marketing ads and movie visuals for the masses. After decades creating state of the art film production, at sites like Pinewood, Ealing and Shepperton Studios. The UK has further cemented its place in film production by building a reputation as a hub for quality blockbuster CGI, character animation and visual FX work.

The majority of Hollywood’s blockbusters have benefitted from spellbinding animation work coming from large London studios. With the likes of MPC and Framestore creating 3D visuals for global hits such as Harry Potter, Avengers and Game of Thrones.

There are also a lot of other highly established studios delivering exceptional productions for business marketing. Crafting compelling narratives and beautiful visuals to convey company messages for TV adverts and online branded video content.

To celebrate the amazing work being carried out by some of the amazing animation studios in the UK, we’ve put together the below list of smaller UK animation studios that are pushing the bar creatively and competitively for their clients.

Animation studios UK

"The UK has built a reputation as a hub for quality blockbuster CGI, character animation and visual FX work. "

What makes for a great animation studio?

Creative Ideas
To stand out from the crowd. A top UK animation studio should have a talented team of creatives. They present an understanding of narrative, design, marketing and animation production. Plus can work in business strategy, collaborating with their client to ensure business goals are met, along with the creative approach. An experienced project director will work across all areas of a project and tie the vision together.

Consistent delivery of quality
Lots of small animation studios or students may deliver one great piece of work. However, to be regarded as a leading studio, you'll need to have shown a consistent quality of delivery time and time again. It's this repeated level of excellence that allows a studio to gain its reputation for quality work.

Pure, simple talent
The very best animation studios in the UK, unsurprisingly also have the countries leading producers, artists, animators and editors at their disposal. Through a mix of bigger budgets, exciting projects and long-lasting reputation, they can attract the best talent.

Fearless use of any medium
The benefit of a large and talented workforce is the ability to develop a unique look for a video. Combining new technology with old. Making it possible for the animated video to be visually original and noticed by the broader public. The very best animation studios UK has to offer are willing to take chances, investing in R&D on in-house short films. Setting themselves apart from competitors.

While it's generally a given that you'll find a good few grungy hipsters at most any animation studio (ours too). There's also a refined and structured production process that top video production companies have. Ensuring a project will move forward smoothly, with the right level of review and flexibility to push the creative envelope. 

Delivering for their clients
All of the above are things that help drive high-quality productions with real original creativity. The final thing that makes a UK animation studio stand above the rest is delivering a high return on investment (ROI). Quality animation productions are far from cheap, often costing companies many hundreds of thousands or millions to provide their exceptional video production.

Providing a return in terms of sales and increasing brand awareness for the end client is key to securing further exciting animation projects. 

1. Passion Animation Studios


Who: Oscar® and BAFTA winning studio based in London.  They employ i house and international crews of designers. The UK studio has a wide variety of directors under its banner and its able to showcase astounding animated work in handdrawn, digital and stop motion.

Beautiful TV adverts & series of the highest order. From compare the meerkat to  leading supermarket Christmas ads etc.

Combining great narrative with exceptional visuals using any medium. Digital 2D, 3D, handrawn, stop motion or all of the above. They regualrly collaborate with other established animation studios to deliver larger projects i.e. aniamted TV series such as 101 Dalmation Street.

Client Type:
National and global brands with deep pockets. Looking to bring something new whilst enhancing their brand image.

Animation Studios Uk - Passion Pictures

"Passion Animation Studios are producers of many of the best TV adverts in the UK and overseas."

2. Studio Aka


Who: A Bafta winning animation studio based in London, who consitently bring business messages to life through perfect character animation and design. They have a reputation for creating idiosyncratic & innovative work, expressed across an eclectic range of projects.

Creators of the beautiful 'Lost and Found', along with superb children TV shows and business TV ads (i.e. TSB bank ads) and campaigns.

Exceptional character design and animation of the highest order, is at the heart of the their work. They're able to consistently find a line between almost art house and effective commercial design.

Client Type:
Companies with projects that need special care, with budget available to create animated videos and characters that stay with the viewer. 

Animation Studios Uk - Studio aka logo

"Passion Animation Studios are producers of many of the best TV adverts in the UK and overseas."

We're adding 2 more studios to this list tomorrow...

5. Stormy Studio


Well: We couldn’t write out a list of leading UK business animation studios without giving our own studio a mention. Plus we're not half bad.

Who: Tucked away in the idyllic county of Devon and only a stones throw from the sea, Plymouth based 'Stormy Studio' are one of the UK's leading business animation companies. Fielding a team of experienced writers, illustrators, designers and animators with over 15 years experience, the company is forever pushing the boundaries of creativity to constantly deliver exceptional work for clients.

Digital 2D and 3D Animation for SME businesses and global organisation. Delivering effective animated videos for social media, web and events. We work across a wide range of industries from energy, finance, health and tech. Find out more here.

Our studio specialise in animated explainer videos that engage an audience whilst describing a product or service. We produce a wide range of styles and regualrly mix 2D, 3D product and character animation to great effect. We've also produced heart warming narratives combining film and hand drawn animation. 

Client Type:
SME and larger organisations, with reasonable budgets (£5k to £50k). Companies looking to promote a product or service online, or at an event. Or educate their staff with high quality writing, design and animation.

UK Animation Studio - Stormy Studio

Check out our Animation Studios UK business productions.

Where we mix
 bespoke motion graphics, character animation, visual FX and film.

All with the aim of delivering effective business messages with style.


We hope the above list of leading UK animation studios has been of interest.

As we stumble across other pioneering animation studios in the UK both big and small, we'll be sure to come back and add those here. 

In the mean time, if you'd like some inspiration for your next business video, you can find plenty of ideas here where we showcase just a handful of the corporate video productions our studio has work on. We're always open to chat about a project and if your open to new ideas  we'd love to push the creative envelope that little bit further.

Get in touch with Stormy Studio to discuss complimenting your marketing efforts with engaging bespoke business animation

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