Business animation packages:

QUALITY VIDEO production made simple

As well as offering bespoke quotes on a per project basis. We're also pleased to offer 3 animated explainer packages for stress free business animation production. Plus we have a subscription option. So whether it's a one off or a recurring video project requirement we're here to make things as easy as possible.

One-Off Packages


    Smart 60 Second Explainer

    Simple, yet smart explainer animation. Ideal for levelling up presentations, e-learning or simple yet smart web explainer videos.
    • Creative Ideation

    • Script Writing

    • Storyboarding

    • Styleframes

    • Good Composition

    • 'Basic' 2D Design & Motion Design

    • Basic Animated Icons/Typography

    • Stock Music

    • Voiceover

    • * Unlimited Amends

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    Most Popular!

    GREAT 60 SECOND Explainer

    Engage your audience with characters & more advanced motion graphics.

    Ideal for increasing awareness, sales and brand image.
    • Everything @ Bronze Tier

    • Good Bespoke 2D Motion Design

    • Character & Scene Design

    • 1-2 Rigged 2D Animated Characters (if required)

    • Animated Icons/Typography

    • Visual Fx

    • A little 3D to raise the bar

    • Higher Level Of Polish

    • * Unlimited Amends

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    Excellent 60 SEC Explainer

    Stand out from your competition. With true premium level design, motion and originality
    • Everything @ Bronze & Silver Tier

    • Our Very Best Work - Raising The Bar Over Your Competitors

    • Great Bespoke 2D & 3D Motion Design

    • SUPERB Composition & Direction

    • 3D Modelling, Texturing & Animation

    • Premium Frame-By-Frame 2D Character Animation

    • Animated Icons/Typography

    • Complex Visual Fx

    • * Unlimited Amends

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*There are unlimited amends included at each milestone of production. However, once approved you cannot go back a stage without potentially incurring additional costs. i.e. scriptwriting, storyboard review, style frames, character design, voiceover artist selection and animation amends. This helps to ensure the project moves forward effectively.
Business Animation Packages

We appreciate that sometimes you just want an off-the-shelf solution. That's why we're pleased to offer our 3 business animation packages above as an alternative to bespoke production quotes.

Need your animation to be a bit shorter or longer. No problem, just get in touch and we'll get back with a 'quick quote' based on your chosen package.

We also offer an animation production subscription model, see below.

On Tap


    Subscription Model from:

    • Creative Direction

    • Script Writing

    • Designer / Animator

    • Editing & Audio Design

    • Producer Overseeing Projects

    • *Options for increased production requirements, with agreed adhoc costs.

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Animation Production Subscription:

For companies with an ongoing need for animation production for a year or more. It can be beneficial to sign up for a recurring payment plan. This allows you to save time by having a scalable production team on tap, a team who will learn about your business, brand and audience.

This can enable cost savings for both your business and our studio with increased efficiency over time and ultimately better quality of work being produced. You'll benefit from having a small consistent team helping you with regular content production on a recurring basis.

You'll have the option to scale up when required to produce more work, to a higher level of complexity or to meet imminent deadlines.

Get in touch to chat about whether our animation production subscription is a good fit for your business.

How much does an animation cost?
The problem with animation pricing:

Our explainer animation packages help solve the questions about the cost of animation.

There are always variables to consider i.e. style, complexity, whether there are characters and how many, is the work digital 2D, 3D, or hand-drawn, are there VFX, whether is it mixed media and what deadlines need to be worked to.

Whether you choose a package or the animation production subscription option we can help take a lot of the headaches out of commissioning quality animation for your business.

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