Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions regarding our business video production process

We know clients are eager to get their filmed or animated business video production underway so we’ve put together this list of commonly asked questions to help ready you for the Stormy Studio production process. We look at what effects delivery time, cost and the stages of production.

What types of videos do you make?

Here’s a break down:

• Corporate Motion Graphics Marketing Videos
• Business Video Production for events and online
• Whiteboard animation videos
• 3D and 2D animated idents
• Animated character videos
• Professional Video Filming & Editing
• Mobile video production
• Product Demo videos
• Animated Explainer videos
• Corporate film edits with animated graphics
• Training videos
• Visual Effects
• All things animation are very much our thing, plus we also film too.

How long does an animated video take to produce?

A common inquiry regarding delivery of a business video production- and it depends on many things, including project complexity and client availability for feedback. As a rough guide, a 1 minute standard 2D animated video with speedy client feedback will take 2 weeks to work through script and storyboard to completed animation video delivery.

Please get in contact for a more refined estimate.

How many revisions do we get?

You have the option for unlimited revisions at any stage in the video production process. However as a guide we normally allow for 2 rounds of amends on any one stage, with an agreed fee for extra revisions outside of the number stated in the contract. We’ll update you through the production process to ensure you can feedback throughout.

What steps are there to making a video?

All most all our business video production no matter the style are built up of these common elements. It is important to note that we approach the video production with a refined linear process. This means that we typically do not skip steps, unless we have designed a custom package for you. Our typical process is:
• Script writing
• Draft Voice over recording for review and timing
• Storyboarding
• Animation
• Professional Voiceover Recording
• Final delivery

How long will I be waiting throughout the different stages?

Below we’ve detailed the typical delivery times and activities for each step in our production process:

Script writing – 1-2 business days from your interview with our script writer. If revisions are required, those revisions will be delivered 1 business day from when you provide them to our script writer.

Story boarding – 2-5 business days to produce a full story board from the time you approve the voice over.

Animation – 2-10 business days from the time you approve the story board for an animated video. or 5-15 business days from the time you approve the story board for a mostly 3D animation production.

Professional Voice over production – 1-2 business days from the script and voice over artist being approved by you.

Revisions on any of the above – 1-3+ business days.

* The timings above arebased on a standard 2D animated video of 90 seconds in length with an ‘average’ level of complexity.

Longer business video production, complex animations and on-site filming can add time to the process.

Please make us aware of any project deadlines form the get go to allow us to work to your schedule and arrange our our animation and production team accordingly.

What can cause a delay in final video delivery?

There are two items that are often cause for the significant delays and impact production schedules.

The amount of time our clients can take to provide their feedback throughout the production process (script, voice over, story board, early animation review and the finished product).

Some of our clients have one person in charge of deciding (such as early stage start-ups or independent business owners), so feedback is provided right away.

Other clients have multiple decision points (marketing, executives, peers, and legal), so sign offs can take longer (often weeks).

The speed of turn around times for each step creates the largest variance in delivery times.

The number of revisions requested in each stage of production.

The more times revisions requested, the more time it takes to reach a final product. Typically clients revise the script 0-1 times, the story board 0-2 times, and the animation 0-1 times. Some clients do request 2 revisions at each step.

Our overall aim is that you are completely satisfied with your final video, so we will work with you throughout the entire process. We’ll advise you of any requests which could introduce a delay or cost to the project.

What are some tips to get my video as quickly as possible?

We find it can often be a huge benefit if you are able to put together a draft script of what you’d like to communicate to your target market using your business video production. You don’t need worry about the overall quality,(how it sounds, grammar, length). It provides a great starting point for our team to help you faster and ensure we can include the key marketing messages and explain complex information the right way.

We advise you to schedule time into your calendar for reviewing the script, the voice over, the storyboard, and video at regular intervals. That way, you won’t forget to provide us feedback on time, and we’ll get you to the final stage as quickly as possible.

Tell us what you like

To help speed up the creative process, it can be incredibly helpful if you’re able to provide examples of the sort of videos you’d like produced.

Simply share a website, youtube or Vimeo link.

The subject matter doesn’t matter, it’s purely the animation or filming aesthetic and edit style that will give our team a heads start when designing your projects own tailored video style.

Providing a company logo

The majority of videos we produce call for the inclusion of an animated logo The higher the resolution the better. For the best results please provide an Adobe Illustrator .ai file or .eps file to ensure our talented animators can work with the assets without any quality loss.

Brand Guidelines

When possible it’s great to have a brand guidelines document to work with. This ensures we work with the correct brand colours and company approved fonts from the start. Ensuring your business video production is 100% inline with your company image and other design work.