Devon Film Company, Coastal Safari

Filming in Devon

Devon Film Company – Creating a last minute film narrative

Whilst not a production officially by our Devon Film company, I think this still goes someway to showcase our talent.

Here’s a little video production I made simply to capture the magic moments of my kids growing up on the beautiful Devonshire Coastline near our animation studio. It’s something I’ve been doing with various cameras since my 2 children were born and it’s great to be able to look back at the videos years on.

It also goes some way to showcase our Devon Film Company albeit with zero preparation, little to no stabilisation and a free style approach to filming.


As I have a real passion for film, composition,  storytelling and the power of video editing I decided to create a short narrative with the filmed footage.

The total footage shot was only around 8 minutes in length. I then spent around 2 hours editing the footage down, playing with the order to see if a narrative was possible and finally adding a quick colour grade to the footage.

rock climbing filming by Devon film Company

Once I’d created basic edit I spent some time finding the perfect music track to bring some extra emotional value to the video production. Despite having over a decade of video editing and animation experience, I’m still amazed by the power of music and how it can quickly change an edit from dark and moody, to upbeat and fun or in this case to sad with building momentum and triumphant finale.

Devon Film Company, filming through a cave

The camera used was our favourite Devon Film Company camera. The incredibe Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, this marvellous mini machine continues to deliver stunning images time and time again. I added a Metabones speedbooster which allows of the fitting of full frame lenses. To make sure the images were both beauftul and to save swapping different glad out whilst on a sandy beach I chose another Devon Film Company favourite, a Sigma 18-35mm lens.

Professional film services from Devon Film Company, rock skimming

Unlike our normal Devon Film Company productions where we’d spend days or weeks in pre-production, fine tuning creatives, scripts, storyboarding, cast, crew, stabilisation kit, lighting, audio and location. Instead it was a case of throwing the Camera, Lens with adaptor, ND filter and a big old battery in a camera bag.

Cast and Crew, Devon Film company

The whole thing was filmed handheld, sometimes being placed precariously on a bit of rock.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little video, it’s quite amazing what can be made with a little bit of know how, a stunning back drop and some adventurous kids.

If you’d like to find out more about our unique approach to film making which highlights creative ideas, please get in touch with the studio today.