Thinking Differently

emotional marketing video

Stormy Studio were commissioned by award winning shop designers Weatherhead to create an engaging marketing video. Our Creative Director Jon Draper developed a number of different narratives that tugged at the heart strings, just a little. We then developed the chosen creative, producing hand drawn storyboards, multiple sketches, aniamtion tests and a full animatic. Once ready we went about sourcing various film locations, cast and film crew. Plus we organised the construction of a shabby looking wobbly shack that could be easily flat packed and built on site.

The filming took place over 3 days, which were staggered to ensure we could film during the arrival of Bluebell in the woods. The final edited and graded video was received incredibly well by our client. Of course the added value provided with the hand drawn animation which is both rotocoped and motion tracked into the scenes really helped raised the production value.

Working with Plymouth web designers Elixel we created a number of complimentary animations made from our early pre-production sketches to use throughout the Weatherhead site.

If you have need for a similarly adventurous heart warming video production where we can really let our creativity shine please don’t hesitate to get in touch. In the near future we’ll be putting together a case study of this project.

It was a real privilege to be able to direct this heart warming tale.Jon Draper - Creative Director at Stormy Studio
Branded Media Film and animation