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Animation Creative Director - Jon Draper


An article about Jon Draper - animator, creative director and founder of our UK animation studio - Stormy Studio

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Animation Creative Director - Animator Studio

Animation Creative Director

Stormy Studios Award-winning professional Creative Director of animation (and some filmed) projects.

Jon Draper has years of experience working on video production for a wide range of high-profile brands. His award-winning talent has allowed him to direct and create stunning visuals which also achieve our client's business marketing goals.

Creative Ideas

As Creative Director his role involves developing unique ideas and concepts. All are backed by a solid understanding of marketing, audiences and the techniques required to deliver high-quality animation that results in a positive return on a client's investment in animation production.
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Animation Production Knowledge

With over 2 decades of experience working on filmed & animated video productions. As a Creative Director, Jon Draper can make the most of his deep understanding of animated video production pipelines. 2D, 3D, traditional and digital animation. Plus he has a talent for film composition, digital design, Visual FX and video editing.

Collaborative Ideas

It's all well and good being great at producing visuals and ideas. Though without the communication skills to relay concepts, it could all go to waste. fortunately Jon Draper as our Creative Director can calmly convey ideas to teams, explain creative concepts to clients and collaborate perfectly with a full cast and crew.

The first bit of success... Royal Television Award-winning short (2004)

Jon Draper created an animated short titled 'The Tales of Heavens Waiting Room' for his degree show. The animation went on to win the audience award at a cinema screening and a prestigious Royal Television Award.
Just some of the brands Jon Draper has worked for
Motion graphics animated video created for Harrods
Videos and creatives for BBC
Character animation created for UK Power Networks
3D motion graphics and animated video created for Western Power Distribution
Aniamted business explainer videos created for Arvato Bertelsmann
Motion Graphics and video edit created for JP Morgan
Creative Director & Lead animator on  large 3D promo for Hewlett Packard
Corporate animated video created for FTSE100 company Intertek
Video editor and head of 3D filming for Halfords
Animated travel company advert

See their videos and many more in the stormystudio online portfolio. Or get in touch today to discuss your video project using our contact page.

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Creative Director Jon Draper works for UK animation studio creating animated videos for business marketing. Based in Devon, Plymouth, England. Video production company producing TV graphics, characters, tv adverts, web videos, motion graphics and explainer videos. Best animation studio in the UK. 3D graphics, CGI production, business video, conference video, health and safety video creatives. VR production, 360 filming and mixed reality filming. Experienced Ex-London animation team. Award winning.

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