Animated Explainer Videos

At Stormy Studio we believe animation is the perfect medium for explainer videos. Clearly presenting business brands, products and services in truly engaging and effective ways.

Check out this great selection of animated explainer video examples.

With many years of experience in marketing, animation and video production our team has the skills and passion needed to deliver professional bespoke explainer videos for your business.

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Animated Explainer Video Pharmaceutical video stills

Your Story

We’ll spend the time to understand your brand story, products, services and audience to develop the right narrative, creative and design look and feel. Producing explainer videos that deliver great results.


  • Your Brand
  • Your Products
  • Your Services
  • Your Solutions

Creative Approach

We’ll establish the right animation creative for your business & budget. Whether it’s explaining business services through the use of original animated characters and environments or intangible concepts explained using motion graphics and the latest visual FX.

Animation Technique

  • Crisp 2D Animation
  • Crafty mixed media
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Visual FX

Animated Explainer technology video

corporate animated explainer video


An explainer videos narrative delivery can be light hearted, fun, empowering or clinical and business like. Above all messaging should be clear, well paced and memorable to make sure you acheive your needed outcome. Stormy Studio will ensure the right approach is taken for your subject and audience.


  • Lighthearted
  • Formal & On Message
  • Empowering

Quality Assured

Your businesses brand image is hugely important. So with all of the animated explainer videos, we’ll work to your brand guidelines. Make time for review throughout the production at every stage: scripts, storyboarding, character designs, draft animations to the final video exports. We want you to be involved as much (*or as little) as you’d like.

Quality Production Process

  • Project Brief Discussion
  • Script & Storyboard
  • Character & Asset Design
  • Draft Explainer Animation Review
  • Final Explainer Animation Delivery

animated health and safety explainer video

Clear Production Pricing Tiers

Get in touch to find out more about our explainer video pricing and production processes. As well as being able to send our price guide PDF we can put together quick quotes to help with decision making. Plus provide links to video examples that may be relevant in style or subject matter.

To make things simpler we quote using our unique production tiers. Clearly showing what levels of animation complexity and production techniques are avaialble within different budgets.

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3D motion graphics and animated video created for Western Power Distribution

Explainer Video Highlights Reel

See the range of animated videos & styles we’ve produced for happy clients around the globe

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