100 Animated Explainer Video Examples

Animated explainer video examples

100 Animated Explainer Video Examples

So, let's just jump straight to it... here's are collated selection of 100 animated explainer video examples. (*Well... it's not quit 100 yet.. but we're still adding to it...)

We've selected those that show creative excellence, stunning design and originality whilst explaining a business subject, product or service clearly and effectively. Finding a balance between engagement and business messaging.

Animated explainer video examples

"Let's jump straight to it... here's our collated selection of great animated explainer video examples"

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1. Growth of Electric Cars - WPD

Our first animated explainer video example is one of a series of 3D animations produced for Western Power Distribution on the subject of renewable energy.

• Concise script with uncomplicated language.

• Clear visuals with simple low-poly 3D models & environment.
• Consistent colour pallete ties it all together.
• Complimented with crisp 2D motion graphics & iconography.
• Calm, professional voiceover delivery.

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2. Internet Protocols - Internet Society

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The complex subject of internet security could be tricky explain without losing your audience. This techy explainer animation tackles it with style and a compelling non-technical script.

• Techy VFX to appeal to target audience.

• Bespoke animated icons to convey subject.
• Dark & light colours to highlight threats and solutions.
• Very minimal use of on screen text.
• Simple language delivering complex ideas.

3. Storm Damage - UKPN

This animation at just 38 seconds in length, swiftly explains the dangers of downed powerlines in a storm. Plus what action to take in the UK. Part of a series of health and safety animated explainer videos produced for UK Power Networks. See more here...

• Moody 2D illustration and environment design.

• Animated characters for viewers to better relate.
• Modern VFX (electricity/rain) to enrich the visuals.
• Strong call to action to drive viewers next action
• Bold opening branding to tie it in with a marketing effort.

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4. Smart Meters Explainer - Bristol Energy

Renewable energy storage, solar power and smart meters are brought to life in a series of 2D animation for Bristol Energy. Great design lead, animated explainer video examples.

• Rich colour pallete to reenforce the companies brand.

• Modern stylised environment visuals 
• Frame-by-frame animated characters for added polish.
• Clear call to action to encourage the audiences next step.
• Regional accent to engage with the target audience.

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5. Animated App Explainer - MyInvite

Entertaining animated explainer video examples with lots of character. This video showcases a number of short 10 second explainers, that needed to convey the events apps core use in fun ways very quickly.

• Funny scenarios to engage the audience
• Strong repeatable tagline and call to action
• Character animation to build a relationship.
• On screen subtitles perfect for social media sharing
• Bright colours with a nod to the red brand colour.

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6. Startup Tech Promo - Fingoti

Created to compliment a Kickstarter campaign. This explainer video mixed both 2D and 3D animation with filmed footage. Created by Stormy Studio for UK tech startup Fingoti.

• Techy visuals to appeal to target audience
• Fast paced editing and impactful music
• Professional bespoke video footage
• 3D exploded view to showcase product
• Consistent brand colours used throughout

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7. Credit Ratings Explainer - Moody's

Financial services can be tricky to explain clearly. As the subject requires a balance of engaging visuals, delivery of complex ideas. Whilst also maintaining a professional image and legally complient messaging.

• Stylish modern, and slightly techy imagery.
• Minimal on screen text to keep messaging concise.
• No character animation to ensure company brand is consistent.
• Professional script that strikes a good level of clarity.
• Moody's brand colours consistently used throughout.

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8. PPE Safety Equipment - UKPN

Engaging an audience on a safety message can be tricky. This video effectively taught UKPN staff to check and look after their PPE safety kit with professional style.

• Realistic opening 3D scenario
• Textured 3D models singled out to focus on key points.
• 2D motion graphics to highlight areas of inspection.
• Professional voiceover to help audience relate
• Key points on closing to ensure valuable take away,

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9. Charity Explainer Animation - Africa Voices

Animated explainer videos provide a fanastic media to deliver authentic charity messages. This video for Africa Voices mixed good design and a fantastic voiceover to convey the focus of the charity.

• Excellent authentic voiceover.
• Mix of technical visuals and brand colour pallete.
• Consisent design approach throughout.
• Motion graphics used to convey ideas around social media usage.
• Effective call to action at the end.

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10. App Monetisation Explainer - AESA

A mixtued of 2D and 3D visuals were used to to explain the potential of a new app monetisation offering for this Scottish tech company.

• Crisp, modern, positive visuals with great motion.
• Techy visual FX to appeal to the target audience.
• Consisent brand colours throughout.
• Professional, relatable voiceover.
• Clear call to action to drive the viewers next steps.

11. Group Financing - Saudi Finance Explainer

In this example the benefits of seeking finances for business opportunites in Saudi Arabia needed to be explained confidently and clearly.

• Clean minimalist artwork style.
• Flowing/zooming camera moves to keep up the energy.
• Strong use of brand colours.
• Professional, Arabic voiceover targetting demographic.
• Clear call to action with social media icons used too.

12. Solar Lighting Explainer - Solar Illuminations

3D animated explainer, highlighting the range of solar energy products the company sells. The video was to be used at events on a loop and as an explainer on their website.

• Highly engaging 3D diorama, displaying a 24hr scene
• Detailed character animation installing products
• Realistic lighting, showing the passing of time and shadows.
• 2D text motion graphics to label key products
• Extra wide aspect ratio perfect for wide web banner output.

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13. Welsh Schools Project Explainer - Awen Project

Working with Charlotte Church our studio we needed to explain the ideas behind her new Welsh Schools Project. The video needed to explain the potential as well as drive push for child lead learning.

• Beautiful frame-by-frame character animaton
• Childlike environment drawing style
• Animation mixed in with filmed footage.
• Unique crafty paper textured visuals to enhance the message.
• Intricate school layout showing how funding could work.

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14. Online Legal Service Explainer - Squire Patton Boggs

Explaining a serious cloud based software in video can be tricky. This video does it well, balacing engagment with factual/useful screen shots and information.

• Great intro shot pulling the viewer in.
• Smart 3D visuasl show range of devices.
• Mix of screen captured visuals and 2D graphics
• Professional script with just the right amount of detail.
• Strog call to action, leading the viewer to take the next step.

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Stormy Studio

Our UK Animation Studios showreel is full of animated video explainer examples. With a clear mix of bespoke motion graphics, character animation, visual FX, plus 2D and 3D design.

That's a wrap...

Hopefully the above animated explainer video examples have helped you decide what traits your own business example video would benefit from.

If you need some more inspiration, please expore our studio website and our portfolio.

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