How much does a corporate video cost to make?

How much does an animated video cost?Get a quote for an animated business video.

We’re very pleased to announce another useful addition to our set of frequently asked questions pages. We look at how we construct our production quotes and give some options for you to find the answer to ‘how much does a corporate video cost?’.

How much does a corporate video cost to make?

The question of how much corporate does a video cost to make now has a great article breakdown.

It looks at what allows us to arrive at an accurate video quote. As well as provide handy links to allow you to request our PDF price guide, as well as getting a bespoke quote built on a few basic bits of project info.

Why not just show all our pricing on our site

This is an interesting point and one which I regularly sway between. We’ve tried to find the middle ground by allowing you to request our PDF price guide and offer speedy turn around on production quotes.

There are some really great reasons to share pricing on our site

The one main reason above all would be to give customers what they want, when they want it. The rise of the internet and the ease of which we can all obtain information makes it seem a little strange not to have the prices front and centre.

The video production prices would also allow our customers to decide if a Stormy Studio production might be for them before getting in touch. This would have the benefit of saving both ourselves and customers time if our costs are prohibitive. They could then carry on the search for lower cost/quality animation studios or wait till later in the financial year when their budget might be ready. However, if they’d got in touch we may have been able to look at other cheaper options or see if any business grants are available.

Another benefit to quickly answering ‘how much does a corporate video cost?’ with our pricing would be that it shows the confidence we have in both our product and our pricing (*Something which we really are very proud of).

How much does an animated video production cost pdf price guide

In a rush to find out how much video costs? .. Request our PDF price guide and see the tiered pricing levels for quick reference.

The reasons against having the prices openly visible on our site seem equally sound…

For one it’s often tricky to quickly describe the added value a Stormy Studio production brings to a business. There are also many variables that make up the cost for any video production be it animated or filmed. We look touch on each of these variables briefly in our new FAQs article on ‘How much does a corporate animated video cost to produce?‘.

However, if we’re given the opportunity to interact via phone or email we can highlight examples of our work, explain particularly costly variables that may not be necessary and make production suggestions early on. We can showcase suitable videos which allow us to emphasise the benefit of our creative talent and experience. Also if a project is particularly exciting we may put substantially more effort into a quote and even go as far as producing a short animated sequence and storyboard to help secure the work.

Lastly and the one which I toil with the most, is that by having our full video pricing openly visible on our site, we might be running the risk of competitors undercutting to win particular projects. Now in reality would this happen and would it matter?

We’re already very competitive on price and always raising the bar in terms of quality so perhaps we need not worry. As you can see we’re very confident in the services we deliver and know that we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure every client is pleased. So sharing prices might not be something to be too scared of, perhaps we’ll share more in the future. For now we’ll continue to have our PDF price guide available upon request and offer quick bespoke quotes which are normally turned around within 24 hours.

We do give a little insight and share our Bronze level pricing on our new FAQs page about ‘How much does an animated video cost to produce?

Lastly here’s our latest showreel…  just to show some of that quality we’ve been bragging about…