How to Embed Video in PowerPoint

How to embed video in Powerpoint

Have you have been wondering how to embed video into PowerPoint? There is an easy and free way to do it. Discover how to embed video into PowerPoint, how to set your video, how to determine the start time, and how to add animated videos to your PowerPoint slides.

Upload Your Video to YouTube

No matter what you think of YouTube, or the people behind it, you have to admit that it is a very convenient tool. This is especially true if you are going to exploit its free features, such as how you can upload content for free and keep it there for years.

Set the Privacy Level of Your Video

When you upload your video, you are given the choice of making the video public, private or unlisted. There is a chance that the video you are adding to your presentation is so brilliant that you want to show it to the world. If that is the case, then choose to make the video public. You can find your video settings in the YouTube studio.

Sign into YouTube studio, and select “Videos” from the menu on the left. Hover your mouse cursor over the video you wish to update, and click the arrow under “Visibility.” You may then choose to make your video private, unlisted or public. Click the “Save” button when you are done.

Unlisted Videos

You Should Probably Choose the “Unlisted” Setting

Your best bet is to choose the “Unlisted” setting. This keeps your video off your YouTube channel, out of your subscriber feed, and out of YouTube’s video recommendations. However, the video may be shared, used in PowerPoint presentations, and may be added to a channel section such as if other people create a public playlist with your video included.

Choosing “Unlisted” is a good way to keep your content publicly available, while also keeping it at arms length. After all, the video in your presentation may look very odd out of context. For example, if your video shows an animation of one company absorbing another with a clip from the movie “The Thing” (1982), then it may look out of place on your YouTube channel that normally features cake-making techniques.

Clip from the 1982 movie the thing

Click to Share Your Video

Take a look at your video on YouTube. On the bottom right of the GUI you will see the word, “Share.” The word “Share” is sat next to a small arrow icon. Click the share button.

Share your video on YouTube

Once you click the share button, it brings up your share options. Click the “Embed” button. Doing this will bring up the information you need to later embed a Video in PowerPoint.

Setting the Starting Time

Before moving on to how to Embed Video in PowerPoint, here is how you decide where your video starts.

Go to your video on YouTube and watch up to the point where you want your video to start. There is a chance that you bought your video from Stormy Studio and wish to include it in its entirety. In which case, do not worry about the starting time.

However, if you want your video to start at a certain time stamp, it is easier to enable this during the YouTube portion of the process.

Get your video up to the point that you want it to start, and click the “Share” button. Then click the “Embed” button. You will then see an option that allows you to determine when your video starts.

Choosing your youtube starting time

If you wish to change your start time manually, then you can do it within the embed code. Just remember that the embed feature uses seconds. For example, if you want the video to start on the two-minute mark, then you will need to manually change the metric to 120 since two minutes is 120 seconds.

Adjust the embed code

Copy your embed code and you are now ready to put it into your PowerPoint presentation.

How to Embed Video into PowerPoint

Open up your project and navigate to the place/slide where you wish to insert your video. On the menu at the top left, check the “Insert” tab. Then, move across over to the right and click the video button, and select “Online video.”

How to Embed Video into PowerPoint

Up pops a screen that asks you to insert your video. There is a function that says, “From a Video Embed Code.” This is where you paste the video embed code you got from YouTube earlier.

Enter the embed code

Once you have inserted the video, click the arrow on the right to load the video into your PowerPoint presentation.

The video will appear in your PowerPoint as a simple box. You may move and resize the box. Obviously, when you play your PowerPoint presentation, the box is replaced by your video. In most cases, you can preview your video right away by double-clicking the video box. When you test out your PowerPoint slide, all you have to do is click the play icon and the video will play. The video will also contain YouTube tools, such as a sound slider, unless you disabled the tools during the embed process.

Embedding Other Videos into PowerPoint

What if you do not want to upload your own videos? What if you have already found another video you would like to embed? Here is how to embed video into PowerPoint.

Do the same as before where you click the “Insert” tab, and then you click the video function and the “Online Video” function.

How to Embed Video into PowerPoint

However, it is possible just to enter the URL of the video you wish to embed. You simply copy and paste the URL into the appropriate box when you click the “Online video” option. However, if you do it this way, you will not be able to determine the starting time for your video through the previously-mentioned YouTube tool.

Searching for YouTube Videos Through PowerPoint

If you are not sure about which video suits your presentation, you can always search for it through the PowerPoint program. Just enter your search term in the YouTube section when you select the “Online video” option.

Search for a video

Click to search, or press enter, and it will bring up a series of video options. These are very similar to the search results you may find in YouTube. However, the use of cookies is not as pronounced. This means you may actually find results via the PowerPoint program that you wouldn’t find when using your regular account.

Searching for videos and inserting

Search for a suitable video, watch a few, and the select it. Once selected, press the “Insert” button to insert it into your video.

Do not be afraid to tinker with your video. You can adjust the size and even the rotation of your video, but there are more tools to play with. At the top of your PowerPoint GUI there are the video tools, which include the format tab and playback tab.

Adding the Poster Frame

It would be foolish to try to run through all the tools, functions and formats that PowerPoint has to offer within the confines of this article. However, a fairly important function should be addressed.

This is the “Poster Frame” function. You can find it under “Video Tools” and under the “Format” tab. Click the “Poster Frame” function that then select “Image from File.”

Alternatively, you can watch the video, find the frame you want to use as your poster frame, and then click “Current Frame” to use the current frame.

Picking the poster frame

With that said, it is often better to create your own poster image. When you create your own poster image and upload it, then you have full control over people’s expectations. When people see a poster image that is made up from a frame in your video, then it is more up for interpretation. Whereas with your own custom-made image, you can add titles, explanatory images and so forth.

Elevate Your Presentation to the Next Level

Include bespoke animation in your videos to lift and elevate your presentation. Bespoke and targeted animation can strike at the very heart of a subject and bring it alive for your audience, but specially-made animation offers more than that. Animation offers settings, situations and scenarios that are almost impossible to film in real life.

Set Up Scenes You Could Not Afford to Film Live

For example, you could hire a piece of multi-million-dollar mining equipment and show it breaking under extreme tensile stresses…if you have millions in your movie budget to spare. Or, you can make the same point very quickly and cheaply with animation.

Make a Point without Alienating People

You can also make a point in a way that strips away race, gender, etc., so as not to alienate anybody. For example, the Prager University uses genderless-raceless animated figures, almost as if to say that the point they are making applies to everybody.

Prager University

Create Videos of Any Length for Your Presentation

As your presentation goes on, you can introduce animated videos to highlight your point. For example, you could offer people two scenarios. Your scenarios may show things going wrong, and then another showing things going right. Such videos are often difficult to film and edit in real life, but are easy to create and set up with animation.

Your Strongest Solution is Obvious

Let Stormy Studio provide high-quality bespoke animated videos to add impact and meaning to your presentation. Use our studios unique animation quotation tool and get a rough estimate for your project. It is easy, quick, and there is no obligation to buy. You don’t have to sign up to get a quote, and your quote appears in real time. Get a quote today and start making an impact in your presentations.